Monday, November 16, 2009

Yet Another Cryptic Thread Title that Dave Thinks is Cool.

"Whoa, hello," Dave says in greeting, a bit startled to see you so soon. "I didn't expect you to read this post until later."

You look around a bit, suddenly uncomfortable. You offer to come back another time.

"No, no, by all means, come in and sit down. You're welcome here any time." Dave moves a stack of weblinks off the comfy chair and motions for you to sit down. You notice he looks a little bedraggled.

"Not quite ready with today's post yet, as you can see," Dave chuckles and looks around, running his fingers through his hair. "Man, I'm a mess myself."

You assure him that it's all good. You offer yet again to leave and come back later.

"No, it's all under control. Here, let me get you something to watch while I finish up a few things." Dave rustles through a stack of video clip embeds. He picks one. "Here, watch this, it's pretty cool..."

You find it relatively interesting, but not overly. Dave notices you're done watching it and says, "Well, whadaya think? It's wild what people do for hobbies, eh?"

You shrug your shoulders in a non-commital way, which Dave takes as an agreement. He continues. "That same guy does children's books with really cool art in them, which he designs and builds, like little sets, and then photographs for use in the books. You could swear they were paintings." Dave smiles and you return the smile... but inside you couldn't care less.

You look around, wishing there were other people here, too. It's like showing up for a party too early. You contemplate leaving again, but Dave brings a picture over...

"Hey, check out this photobomb picture from the party we had on Halloween! I've never bombed a photo before, you'll get a kick out of this."

You doubted you'd get a kick out of it, but you looked at it anyway...

"See, that's Hadassah and Jayson, posing in their costumes, and look, back there," Dave pointed, smiling, even though you could clearly see the pic yourself. "That's me! Click it to enlarge it if you can't see it well... Dude, I so photobombed that pic. Awesome." Dave laughed in that nerdy way that he does. You hand the pic back to him.

You encourage him to finish today's post, but you don't tell him it's because you want to leave. I mean, Dave's a harmless enough guy, there's no need to hurt his feelings. He scampers off to add another couple of items to the post, and you stand and wander over to one of the bloghouse walls, to look at a series of framed pictures on the wall. One of the landscapes catches your eye.

Very nice, you think. You wonder off-hand what it would be like if a flash-flood tore through that peaceful ravine. You also wonder how long it took for the water to carve through the rock like that. Must have been millennia, you think. Then you wonder if the water is clean enough to drink, or if it's downstream from a sewage treatment plant or something. You smile.

Then Dave interrupts your reverie by coming over. "Hey, here, look at this," he says, handing you an odd black and white picture.

Even though you soon see that it's a picture of a field full of people wearing different shirts, forming a big shield on the grass, Dave tells you what it is anyway. "I have this link to a collection of pictures of big groups of people standing together in fields to form big, weird pictures. Do you think I should add it to tonight's blog post?"

You follow the link and quickly scroll through the pictures. You tell Dave, "sure, why not," even though they didn't do much for you. Heck, maybe someone else will like them, you think. So Dave smiles and walks away, leaving you to look at the landscapes again.

Ah, another nice one, you tell yourself. You feel like you could just step into the picture and walk up the snowy path to that shack. Even though you know it's likely just a garage, and ice cold inside, you pretend instead that it's a little cabin, with a fireplace and a bear skin rug and a little stove upon which you can heat up some water for some tea. You even imagine there's wifi there for your laptop computer. The idea of just getting away from it all, in the peace and quiet and---

"Hey, check out this video clip," Dave says.

You watch the clip dutifully, while Dave laughs at it. You fail to find it funny, but Dave looks eagerly at you for your approval. "Whadaya think? Should I post that tonight?"

You politely remind Dave that it's his blog, and he can post whatever he wants to. You then tell him that you need to duck out to find a restroom. It isn't really a lie; you'd like to wash your hands. The blogroom isn't exactly sanitary; you'd hate to catch the swine flu here or something...

Dave graciously excuses you, and you make your way to the door, with promises to check back soon to read the finished post. As you leave, you wonder again why you still come here.


Avari said...

OMG! Dave, she pulled the whole tent down. And they got it on video. . . How embarrassing.

David Wagner said...

Whoa, hi Shannon. I didn't expect you to read this post until later. No, please, come in, you're always welcome here! Just proofreading the post...

havah said...

I loved the feel of this post, Dave! Very welcoming and comfy. :)

Nice balancing act! I love his website. I'm a great fan of children's PBs.

Nice expression in the photobomb! *L*

The ravine photo is beautiful! Man, I'd love to take photos like that.

The mass human formations are cool. We had two VW ads overseas where a whole bunch of people and cars formed the VW logo. It's one of my fave ads.

Wow! Reason #101 why you shouldn't serve alcohol at your wedding. Ouch! o_O

And now I'm off to look for meteor showers! :D

Crystal said...

Excellent post, Dave! Obviously your novel isn't sucking all your creativity :)

I thought the balancing act was pretty impressive.

How embarrassing!! I can't believe that chick brought down the whole tent. Can you say "OOPS!!". She gets extra points for injuring the bride.

Paula Titus said...


Krista said...

Great post, Dave! I really enjoyed it. :) That woman must have been drinking a little too much... why do people feel the need to act like morons? lol! :)

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