About Me, Eh!

Hello, I'm Dave, and I'm a chronic dabbler. I'm a graphic artist and writer by trade, but I dabble in lots of things: writing fiction, photography, music, acting, directing, videography, animation, cartooning, web design, reading and writing poetry round out the more respectable things I dabble in. I also play a lot of PC Games, fart around online a lot, and my interests include movies, stand-up comedy, theology, skateboarding, wrestling, history and writing long-winded, self-important lists of interests.

I've been married for 25 years, and I'm a dad of three terrific daughters. I live in Southern California, so you may begin envying me now.

Anyway, if that doesn't tell you all you need to know, just take a few days and go through this blog's archived posts. It's basically all about me, which is as tedious as it sounds. But hopefully there are enough fart jokes in there to make archive-delving worth your time... that, and a bunch of broken video embeds that need to be fixed... you know how long that would take!? Hey, I do love you, but not THAT much!



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Anonymous said...

So what's this fascination you have with 'Eh!'?