Monday, November 26, 2012

Ahh! Rubbish Never Smelled So Sweet!

Wow. I love that picture...

So, yeah, what's up, eh? It's Monday as I write this. I hit the "New Post" button out of sheer, uninspired boredom. Now I'm going to see what happens. It's an experiment, of sorts... you'll need to be the judge of how successful it is... of course, if you're a return reader, you have a lot of other examples of seat-of-the-pants blogging to use as a baseline.

The four-day holiday weekend is over. Time for Real Life to begin again.

OK, so, in honor of Real Life beginning, watch this clip from Born Yesterday (1950) starring the great Judy Holliday, and Broderick Crawford and William Holden, of course. Note that it's one shot from 0:36 to 3:37.

I know, awesome, right?

OK, while we're on One-Take Scenes, watch this next one... it's from Old Boy, and from 0:32 to 3:10 it's one take...

Dang, he fought half that scene with a knife in his back!

I'm always impressed by the long shots... I try to imagine the amount of rehearsal time needed to create shots like that. In fact, here, let's go to the Grand Daddy of all one-shot fight scenes... it's from The Protector (2005) starring the amazing Tony Jaa... the entire 3:48 is one shot.

Can you imagine the stamina you'd have to have? Not to mention trying to remember all your cues... plus, choreographing all of that, with the extras and stuntmen, etc.

Of course, the most amazing use of Single Shot I've ever seen was in a foreign film called Eternity and a Day (1998). The entire film is created using a series of (very) extended shots, one after the other. Each is like a skit unto itself. I cannot imagine the rehearsal time involved. Unfortunately, I can't find the best clip examples on You Tube to post here, but I did find this one.

My favorite stretch in this 10 minute clip if from 7:43 to 9:07.

Man, if I could find them, there are some much more amazing clips in this film. Maybe I'll buy it and pull clips from it. It would be worth your attention, methinks.

By the way, the man there is Bruno Ganz, who you may remember from his staggering performance as Hitler in the film Downfall. In fact, what the heck, here's the most famous scene from that gem...

Man, what an actor. That guy acts with strength. If I ever make something out of my acting ambitions, I hope to carry weight like that. Anyway, if you haven't seen that film, you can watch it on YouTube in its entirety (albeit in black and white) at this link. If you have Netflix Watch Instantly, you could watch this and Eternity and a Day as well.

Man, that was quite a diversion. One-Shot scenes, eh? Too bad I didn't mention Paper Moon in that litany, eh? Tons of great extended shot scenes in that one... and then there's the film Russian Ark (2002), which is a 96 minute movie, all one long take, believe it or not. A monumental accomplishment... but boring as heck...

OK, so, where was I before I got excessively diverted?

OK, well, Christmas approacheth, and, yes, it feels odd not having a play to tend to. We've been doing Christmas plays since, oh, 1998 I think... I have to be honest, I always wondered what it would be like to not have the stress of the annual Christmas play all throughout the build-up to Christmas... and now I get to find out. Yeah, it's strange.

I've got my 22nd Anniversary coming up on the 15th of next month. 22 years. Dang. So much I'd like to say that would not quite be appropriate. So much history. Expectations. Disappointments. Whining. Embarrassing admissions. That sort of thing. Things better left unsaid in this forum.

I better post a funny picture to change the topic...

So much for changing the subject. Here, lemme try again...

OK, third time's a charm...

Steeeee-rike three! You're out!

Bah, I have nothing to complain about. Life is good, let's leave it at that.

I am, however, a man without something solid to read. I'm doing the Free Sample Shuffle of late. If I settle on anything good, I'll let you know.

Yeah, you know what? I'm going to end this post here. I had more to say, but I shall save it for another time.

Until we meet again!

Dave the Flatulent Goof

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Gravity of the Situation: Understood

I don't know. I don't, so don't ask me! I can't tell you, either way. OK, fine, I can, but I won't. Because it's none of your business!

OK, fine, I'll answer it. What have I been doing for a whole week. Well, frankly, my memory is a bit fuzzy at this age. Hmm. Well, got an eye exam, as a prelude to getting new glasses, which I haven't got yet. Whee. I got another copy of Minecraft so Maggie and I could build stuff together... and it turns out Katie is even more taken by it. It's a lot of fun. I've got my two computers side-by-side, and we laugh and explore and build and chop down trees, etc.

The Steam holiday sales are going on, but I haven't had a desire to buy a single blessed thing. Thank God (truly). I scanned my Steam Wishlist (20 titles) and honestly, there's nothing I want. I mean, the only real contender for a game to add to my list came out a few days ago and it's a Free To Play game (Planetside 2), so even if I want to play it, it won't cost me a cent. Of course, I immediately installed it, and of course, I haven't played it once yet.

Yeah, I know. Blah blah blah, right? I mean, who cares? I suppose that's the point. It's been an uneventful week, holiday notwithstanding.

Went to my mom's house for Thanksgiving, as per custom, and it was terrific, as per tradition. The food was outstanding and plentiful, and the company was fun. Football was watched, jokes were told, couches were sat upon, and thanks were given. All in all, a near-perfect day.

Now, Christmas! Honestly, I'm hoping somebody somewhere has a Christmas party and invites me. I've never been one for socializing, but for some reason, the idea of a Christmas party sounds fun to me this year. Well, my anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks as well. Maybe I just need to celebrate something.

So the Beard of Doom is officially gone. And, of course, I missed it immediately, and told myself I'd grow it back. I took some pics of the process, for your amusement.

My poor, poor beard. Alas, you were loved, and shall be missed.

So, here's another tidbit of info that I guarantee no one will find interesting! Ready?!

I joined Adobe Creative Cloud! Yay!


OK, fine, here, let me briefly explain. I use Photoshop daily. It is made by Adobe. It is expensive ($600). They make lots of other cool software for web/graphics/audio/animation/film editing/etc. that is also very cool and very expensive. I could never get them. ANYWAY, they started a service whereby you pay a monthly amount (in my case, $30), and you get access to the latest versions of their ENTIRE software suite, which you can download and install on your system. So as long as you are subscribed, you get access to it all!

Summary: Yay!

I've given up on Homeland, by RA Salvatore. The writing degenerated into pablum, which is odd, since it started off so well. I got 70% through it, which I feel counts as a read, so I'm adding it to my 2012 Read List. So there.

Yes, I've been working on my novel, and yes, it's a boatload of fun. See, writing is a lot like minecraft, see, in that you explore ideas, and build things with words. See. And, uh, yeah.

Go, Ed, go!!!

I think I'm done. Got the weekend ahead of me, not sure what I'll do. If anything fun happens, I'll let you know. You know, since I know you're always anxious to hear how things are going in my life [insert massive eye-roll here]

Dave the Insipid

Friday, November 16, 2012

Happiness is a Forest of Nose Hair...

Greetings, Earthlings! Nice planet you have here. Mind if I stay for a while? I promise I'll turn the lights off when I leave...

Tonight's Top Story: I bought and read Red Country by the Great Joe Abercrombie. I'm not going to do a full-on review for two main reasons. 1) Because there are tons of apt reviews out there already, and more everyday, so why reinvent the wheel, eh? and 2) Because I'd feel bad putting a less-than-stellar review of an Abercrombie book out there again (like I did for Best Served Cold).

Of course, a third possible reason to avoid doing a review is that I often have a hard time steering clear of spoilers! Yeah, I know... poor, foolish, undisciplined me.

Bottom line, my long-awaited reunion with Logen "The Bloody Nine" Ninefingers did not quite go as I'd hoped. The book had its strengths, certainly, but there were odd story choices made, too many flat characters, a little too much skim-worthy description, and a couple key characters who just didn't seem to be right somehow... it's hard to explain. The last two pages were VERY well done, and did a lot to recapture a lot of the lost love to that point... well, maybe not lost love per se, but rather love that never really began to accumulate from the outset. Basically, the read was rather grueling and tedious.

Don't get me wrong, to me, Joe is still The Man, capital M, but I'm thinking maybe this one needed some more time in the cooker, and maybe some fresh eyes reading drafts along the way. Or maybe not, what the heck do I know. It's not like I've ever finished a book-length manuscript. So I'm likely full of saddle soap.

Anyway, I'm certainly glad I read it, and I'll certainly read it again at some point down the road, but it certainly ain't The Heroes, that's for sure.

I'm sure novel writing at this level is like making hot dogs in any case... all we readers get are the results... no real idea about all that had to go into it.

By the way, here's how hotdogs are made...

umm.... wow.... not sure what to say after watching that...

So I added Red Country to my 2012 Read List over there in the side column, and then decided (on whim, really) to rearrange the list based on my favorite reads. So the books I enjoyed the most (and recommend the highest) are at the top, and rank down the list accordingly. The only exception to that is Save the Cat, which is kind of in its own category (being non-fiction, about screenwriting) and so I didn't know how to rank it. I put it at the bottom, but that doesn't mean it was the worst book. It's actually a very good book, taken for what it is.

So my annual sinus infection/head cold thingy has made its traditional November appearance, making my nights pretty miserable for the last few. Ah, well, that which doesn't kill us makes our noses run, right? I think that's how it goes. In my case, when a man with a nose my size gets congested and tries to sleep, well, let's just say my snoring registers on the Richter Scale as a swarm of small earthquakes. Woke up the other morning to find Wifey gone and sleeping downstairs. I've decided to sleep downstairs until this clears up. Let her have the bed.

My apologies for that comic. I've been wrestling with whether it's in too poor taste to post, even for this blog (low standards and all). But after much internal debate, self-inflicted charlie horses and lemon juice in my eyes, I've decided that my penchant for Junior-High Level Humor has overruled my desire to avoid offending the, shall we say, "normal and mentally balanced" among my (no doubt rapidly dwindling) reader pool.

To make up for it, wash your eyes out with this...

So the slab leak repair was a success, but a dry-waller needs to come and repair the walls, etc. caused by the leak repair Plus, the pipe leak in my office is a problem, due to a hard-to-reach region of the house innards where the problem is. So that's not resolved. Plus, the new oven installation was a complete failure, for reasons far too boring to elaborate on. Gotta wait another week to get the new oven. So far, the home repairs are almost 1 for 4. Not too good...

So an online friend of mine (Glenn H.) is a writer and voice actor, and puts on lots of radio-type programs, with characters and humor, etc. He's started a new series called "5 Minute Classics" and had an audition call. So I figured what the heck, and I recorded the sample lines of dialog for a couple of the characters and sent them off to him. The deadline for auditions is 11/26, so I'll have to wait until that time to see if I got any of the parts. The first episode is for Pride and Prejudice. Sounds fun. I recorded for Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley and the Narrator. We'll see. I'll let you all know if I get any of the parts, and either way, I'll link to the final show when it's available.

In fact, if you think you'd like to audition, here's the link with the info.

And now.... the Cup Cake Cannon...

Not much to say after a clip like that. Except that reminds me... you never call me Cupcake anymore...

OK, I'm out. Got some Piranha work to finish tonight. Gotta hit the road. I only hope that Santa comic doesn't backfire on me...

Adios for now...

Dave the Gump

Monday, November 12, 2012

"Beard" Rhymes With "Weird" (But Not With "Heard")

"Is it Christmas yet?" she asked.

I checked my wristwatch. "It's only 8:22 pm." Awkward pause, as a puzzled expression formed on her 7-year-old face. "That means..." I studied my watch again, making little clicking noises with my mouth as I calculated. "... it's only 42 days, 3 hours and 38 minutes until Christmas. Technically."

"Is that a lot?"

"For a kid, yes, that's a lot."

"But not for you?" She looked up at me with those eyes. Those amazing kid eyes that give quick glimpses of the woman she would one day be.

"Nope, not for me. For grown-ups, time works a little differently. 42 days, 3 hours and 38 minutes is like tomorrow to me."

"So you get your presents tomorrow? That's not fair!"

I ruffled her hair a bit, as corny as that sounds. "Hey, I'm a grown-up. One of the rules for grown-ups is I can get my presents whenever I want them. Only I have to buy them myself."

She thought a moment, then said, "Santa doesn't bring you presents?"

"Nope. Santa works with kids only. That's the rules."

Her face lit up. I could see her mind working. No presents from Santa for me... that meant more presents for her. I smiled.

"I can still give you a present though, right?" she asked, smiling.

"Of course."

"Here." She went into her little play purse and pulled out a photo.

I looked at it and smiled. "I'm going to go post this on my blog. Be back in a bit."

"OK, dad."


Hello all.

So, yes, I missed my blogging day on Saturday. A thousand pardons for those waiting patiently for me to get my act together. Hey, you know what they say... better late than on time. Right? I think that's how it goes...

So, things are still weird all over. Well, as Curnden Craw would say, "Those are the times." The Christmas Play is dead for this year. We're going to do some carols with the littlest kids from our church this year. Probably for the best, though I feel bad for Mario, who was playing the lead role. He was really putting everything into it. I think it will be the first time since 1997 that we won't be having a play or pageant of some kind. Not that the kid thing doesn't count, it does...

I quoted Curnden Craw above in honor of Joe Abercrombie's latest book, Red Country, which comes out a few hours from the minute I'm writing this. I guess tomorrow really is like Christmas for me! I was hoping to finish reading the book I'm currently reading (Homeland, by RA Salvatore) before getting Red Country, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. So I'll set Salvatore aside, and messily, greedily devour JA's latest the moment I get it...

I think unibrow humor is funny. That's why I posted that. Cuz it's funny and stuff.

What, you don't like unibrow humor? OK, fine, lemme try another comic.

There, is that better? What do you mean, you don't get it!? Sheesh! What? Oh, you said you don't like it. Sorry, couldn't hear you very well. Something in my ear.

Hear, let me try again (see what I did there, lol? I'm so clevurr!)

OK, that one has to be a winner. Yes? Oh come on! Whales scare you? Yes, I know they are huge. Well, no, I've never gone swimming with whales before. Well, there was a really fat lady at the pool one time, when I was a kid. She was pretty scary. Does that count?

OK, fine, lemme try one last time.

That was me, when I was binging (as in, "to binge") on Lie To Me episodes a couple weeks back...

So my glasses are officially broken. At the moment, they only have one arm. I'm still wearing them, because I have no choice. I mean, I'd wear my tinted driving glasses, but for some reason, the tinting messes with my monitors, and I can't see the screen! These one-armed glasses sit crookedly on my face... yes, it gives me a headache. Well, it's either that or lean really close to my monitor with my glasses off... which is just weird. Not sure how long it will be getting new ones. Have to call Kaiser and set an eye exam appointment, then pick some glasses from Costco and wait for them to be finished. Gonna be a long couple weeks.

The plus side is, I feel like I'm wearing a monocle. I say, old chap!

YES! I can't believe it! I finally got to use the "giant glasses in the snow" photo from my archive! Do you have any idea how long that pic has been patiently waiting to be used in a blog post? No? Well, I'll tell you. Since May 20, 2011.

And just to show you (and my photo archive) how unfair life is, here is a photo I added to the archive today (an hour ago, as a matter of fact)...

Yes, it is photoshopped, and no, I don't care. I love the feel of it.

Life is unfair! Deal with it, photo archive! Deal with it!

So Thursday and Friday will be crazy around the ol' Wagner Household (aka Wagnerville, aka, the Loony Bin). Thursday we get the leak fixed in my office, as well as get the floor torn up in the hall (slab leak! Yay!). We also have someone coming to try and find where the leak in the kitchen ceiling is originating from. Then Friday "they" are coming to install a new oven in the kitchen (as opposed to in the restroom, I guess). I did type "gas oven", but changed it to just "oven" because I'm extra sensitive to oblique references to the Holocaust.

Hmm... while that last sentence was true, it still seems in poor taste, for some reason. Bah, I'm going to leave it.

There I go, typing what I'm thinking again!

OK, I've posted enough nonsense. Hope you enjoyed some of tonight's post at least.

Dave the All Over the Place

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

O It's Nice To Be Foam for the Holidays...

I suppose now would be the best time for my annual Political Post, but I'm just too spent on the whole topic. Other than a couple quick comments, I'll spare you. If political opinions give you bowel angst, feel free to skip past the next two paragraphs, to the Dragon Baby video clip, and continue on from there.

Political Nonsense: If there's one thing yesterday's election showed me, it's that polls mean exactly nothing. 6 weeks' worth of polls, ALL of which showed Romney either tied or ahead by upwards of 6%, all the way until election day itself... and Obama wins handily, 50% to 48%. Yeah, I know, shrug my shoulders and move on, right? Yeah, maybe it's the conspiracy theorist inside talking, but that smells way too fishy to me. I really wish there was some way to eliminate all of the duplicate votes, and actually count 'one vote, one person' and then see how it played out. Something tells me it would be very different.

I have a confession. My initial reaction to news of the President's reelection was, "Wow, there are far more stupid people in this country than I thought." Relax, I caught myself immediately, and had a nice prayer time about it. As though anyone who thinks differently than I do is stupid (or deceived). I get it; I'm lame. Still, it seems such a no brainer... Option A: Squeeze "the rich" for as much tax $ as possible to give to those who don't want to work for it (or pay it back), effectively punishing "the rich" for owning/running a business or Option B: Create a business-friendly environment that rewards "the rich" (by lowering taxes, etc.) for starting businesses, creating more jobs, and swelling the ranks of tax-payers. The latter would net FAR more $$$ in tax dough than the former, and would be far better for the economy than punishing people in direct proportion to their success. Everyone pays less in taxes, but far more people are paying them, so the net is far greater. It's a win-win. What am I missing? There are apparently 50 million people who don't see it that way. I can't help but picture them with their hand out and their head in the sand. Then again, what do I know...


And now, Dragon Baby

That's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. There's an Iron Baby video that is awesome as well.

I have some potentially huge news that I'm not able to share yet, which could greatly impact my life/career. I can't wait to spill it, but it needs to be firmed up first. But I could have a HUGE announcement in the next week or two. Stay tuned, eh!

The Grand Canyon, from outer space. Awesome.

So my Minecraft binging (as in, "to binge") has tapered way down to very reasonable levels. I've never hit the "100 hour" mark so quickly in a game before (about 3 weeks). Yeah, it's embarrassing to admit, but hey, today seems to be another day of Embarrassing Admissions. I might as well also admit that I had my fly open at Play Rehearsal two weekends ago, standing in front of everyone.

Or did I already admit that in a recent post? I don't recall.

Anyway, yeah, the play. At this point, we're dangerously close to cancelling the play. Having some "troubles" at our church. I keep losing cast members as a result. Nothing is more discouraging than seeing people you admire behaving in a manner that.... um... well, yeah, I think I'll stop this line of thought right here. So much at church is in an uproar. Honestly, part of me wants to just withdraw for a while and reconsider everything. And part of me thinks I should man up, and be a pillar when it's needed most. Wish I had the answer.

Well, on the plus side, I still have my Bushy Beard of Doom (at least until Thanksgiving). And I'm still working out with my trainer Markshane (or rather, letting him destroy me). I have a lot to be thankful for.

So that's that. Any prayers you want to toss up for me (and my church), I'd appreciate it. Unless you're not of the religious persuasion, in which case any money or nice gifts you wish to toss at me would also be appreciated. Steam Gifts Cards would be nice. The holiday Steam sales draw near.

Adios for now,

Dave the Troopuh

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Short Burst of Harmless Narcissism

Greetings, everyone! (OK, fine, greetings both of you...) It's Dave, with a quick blast of hot air... can't stay long - I've got work to do! As much as I enjoy spending my valuable time on entertaining you, I simply can't tonight! Sorry! Hey, the reason my time is so valuable is because it is in mint condition... and that is because I never use it. BUAHAHAHA!!!

Oh, I meant, "I never use it wisely"... that's a different thing...

OK, so where to start tonight? Well, the big news is that I've finally spent my birthday $$$ from last August. Yep, I bought myself one of these guys...

Yeah, I know, the pic isn't all that red hot... which is a mild bummer, since one of the main reasons I bought one was to (finally) replace my long-missing digital camera. I can't show you the actual unit... since I'm using it to take the picture! I guess I could have photographed it in front of the mirror (doing a duck-lips pose, of course), but that's a little too extreme...

In case you don't know what that is, it is an iPad Mini (32GB wifi-only). Yes, I know they just came out on Nov 2. I've never bought a gadget so close to its release day before. But I've been contemplating getting a new iPad for some time now, and the stars lined up just right, and it just happened. The mini's are less $ than the full sized ones, so I actually saved $! Think of it!!!

I bought the Pinnacle Studio video editing app for it ($10), which now takes the gadget from awesome to amazing. I can snap photos with it and film video, which is automatically dumped into Pinnacle Studio for editing, and then once I finish the little videos (I plan on shooting), it saves and exports it directly to YouTube. A self-contained filming, editing and uploading unit! How easy is that! I've tested it out already, and it's awesome! Woot! Yaayyy! More projects to start and likely not finish!!!

Here's my beard, by the way...

See how happy I am? (trust me... that's "happy" for me...)

Here it is, from the side (sort of) . 

And here I am, washed out color, hoodie up, shades on, Wagner Scowl in full effect. 

Hello! I'm mocking myself! Relax, I don't think I'm "cool".... sheesh! I should make that my Facebook avatar for a day, just to see how many people "unfriend" me for being an insufferable D-bag.

Anyway, the iPad doesn't take very good photos IMHO. I may have to end up getting a real digital camera anyway. I'll see on Monday, when I take it into work and use it to take some rug photos for our website.

So, there's the infamous beard. Wifey hates it, but Youngest loves it. It's closing in on 3 inches long. I'm going to grow it until Thanksgiving, and then, who knows. I enjoy running my comb through it, for some reason. It soothes me. Then again, so does passing wind on my wife's pillow, but we won't go there...

So there was a wreck on the freeway near my house today that redefined "awful" for me. I've never seen a car that mangled, bumper to bumper, before. There's no way anyone could have survived that. The wreckage was almost unrecognizable. All lanes of the freeway were stopped completely. Took me about 45 minutes before I could inch by in the only lane they opened up. I'll never complain about anything again... [EDIT: Let's see if this article link works... ok, it sort of works... when you go there, click the green "Read The Rest of This Article" link... they've got a pic and details...]

Yep, a second "nighttime stars" photo. Hey, when you are faced with life/death, you need to contemplate the stars, eh? The funny thing is, after grabbing lunch today (while on errands), I grabbed a coffee and then just sat in my car for 15 minutes, chilling out before driving home. That accident happened about the same time frame. If I'd headed home straight away instead of sitting in my car for a quarter hour, it could have been me.

Bottom line, it was someone. And who knows how many folks are grieving for them right now, in shock.

Yeah, I know, happens every day, all over the world. I get it. "Tis true, tis common; tis common, tis true," and all that. Sheesh, I sound like Woody Allen playing Hamlet. I'll stop now.

Election this week! Trying hard not to be too cynical about it all. Usually, I hold my nose and pull the level of the least offensive side of the coin, but this time, I think my choice is easier. Gonna vote for the one who'll provide a better environment for businesses.

Actually, the election is just one step toward the only thing that *really* matters for me now... and that is the new Joe Abercrombie book, releasing on November 13! Actually, there's a string of things on tap... the election is on the 6th, as is the release of the Bones Brigade Autobiography documentary. Then Skyfall comes out on the 11th, and then Red Country comes out on the 13th. Hey, don't be too surprised/disappointed... you know my life revolves around entertainment of various kinds... then not too far past that, we have the Steam Thanksgiving Sale, then The Hobbit, then the Christmas Play, and then the Steam Christmas Sale... so, yeah, good things ahead.

OK, I'm out. Gotta get some Piranha work done, and then (hopefully) get some writing done (novel!).

Adios for now,

Dave the Sorely Lacking

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let the Whining Begin!

November first, eh? Well, so be it.

Blah Blah: The Beard blah blah, Halloween blah blah, the Christmas play blah blah, what I'm reading blah blah, Minecraft blah blah, what I've watched lately blah blah, theological windbaggery blah blah.... working on novel/screenplay blah blah...

Man, what can I say that I haven't already covered ad nauseum? 665 posts in my blog archive! Haven't I said enough already without unloading a bunch of reconstituted literary confetti on you?

How's the beard? Bushy and unappealing. Halloween? Took youngest out trick-or-treating, had a fun hour or so. The Christmas play? Angsty and exciting, at the same time. Reading? Finished reading The Alchemist by Paolo Bacigalupi, which was far shorter than I thought it would be. Pretty good read, though. Minecraft? You don't really want to know how many hours I've put into that game, building and digging. What I've watched? Since tearing through all 3 seasons of Lie To Me, I'm bummed... nothing else seems to entertain me as much as that show did. Theological organ grinding? Same old familiar fires... lately I've been revisiting the question, "Does God *really* know every thing I will do/say, forever?" Why would He want to know that much detail? And is that for every person/angel as well? Something about that doesn't ring with me, but we've covered that topic here before.

Heck, we've covered it all before!


I guess that leaves posting a few funny/cool photos, eh?

Fine. Here's a custom Scrabble keyboard...

Cool. And here's a dancer (I presume) doing something graceful and physically impossible...

OK, good, good... and here's a comic making fun of Facebook...

Whee! Isn't this fun! :D

And look! For Halloween, here's a dog in a cute costume! You know what that dog is thinking at that moment? KILL ME NOW!!!

Man, we're firing on all cylinders now, eh! One more, for good luck!

I am kinda stoked about the news that Disney bought Lucasfilm from good ol' Georgey for a cool four billion dollars. That opens the franchise up to some real screenwriting/directing talent. Maybe they can make a decent SW movie, to wash away the taste of disappointment left behind by the ridiculous and inept prequel trilogy. I figure they should either give the next film to Tarantino, or just dive right in and let Woody Allen have at it...

By the way, I am working on my novel, but I am not doing NaNoWriMo. Wow, I realize you were dying to know that, right? RIGHT?!?!!?

Adiossss for nowwwww.....

Dave the Listless