Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sorry, I'm Lagging Today

Remember that time I decided to play Left 4 Dead with Dimitri for a couple hours instead of writing my blog post for the night? I remember....

I'll write this post later, sorry....


OK, it is now after 3am... do you know where your Dave is?

I played some L4D with Dimitri until I crashed to desktop about 1 am... then I powered out a couple thousand words on the novel. Still no resolution yet with the character I mentioned in brief. There has to be a solution. Of course, I decided to write some on the main quest group storyline tonight instead, and the night before I tended still another storyline... I'm avoiding the problem storyline, obviously.

Still, I'm officially past the 40,000 word mark, still going strong.

In the post prior to this one, I posted a video of a Beatles song, that was actually just the song against a still picture of the silouettes of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road. Well, the person that uploaded that song has, it turns out, uploaded the entire Beatles remastered catalog as well! His screen name is LennMcCaHarrStarr, and he seems to be associated with he must be someone official - I can't imagine YouTube's censors would let some random yahoo post the Beatles catalog up there, being so anal about copyright infringement the past year or two. In fact, that Mr. Methane video I had posted a couple years back was yanked last week, after a complaint by B.O. Productions, who owns the copyright to Mr. Methane's stuff.

Anyway, it's like having my own Beatles Jukebox. I listened to songs all day today at work. I'll still want to buy the set, so I can get the songs on my iPod, but it's a great alternative source of high-quality Beatles recordings. GO THERE and subscribe if you want. Then we can form a club.

I'm flat-out exhausted and I have work tomorrow. So for now, adios. Until tomorrow, remember, don't let her under your skin...


havah said...

A little downtime never hurt anyone. I hope you thrashed those zombies! :D

Beautiful photograph, btw.

Abbie said...

dave, when i typed into google your dlwagner.blogspot, it usually pulls up the current date and also a few other blog days, along with a snippet of whats in that blog. Well, today it showed me one where you had written "president" or "precedent" and I had to laugh!!
I just showed my mom an article today from about how Obama has been using the word "unprecedent" so much and in occassions where it isn't even relevant! you might have already known about that and were being clever, but I just now got it :D had to share my epiphany, lol!

See ya! Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey!!! yay!!!

Happy Thanksgiving other Dave Blog Followers!!! :)

Paula Titus said...

I just have a great feeling that this book of yours is going to be awesome, I can't wait to read it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. :)