Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wow! That Movie About Frogs Was So Ribbitting!

Greets and all that. Another beautiful San Diego day. Got some stuff done, most of it barely worth mentioning - but I'll do it anyway, so that I can meet tonight's arbitrary word count...

The coffee did me in again last night, keeping me awake, tossing and turning, till about 4 am. Do I have your pity? No? Well, I suppose I shall work harder next time!

Needless to say, I slept well into the morning as a result. And I missed getting to the bank before it closed today - which was frustrating. Do I have your pity yet? No? Sheesh!

I got the newsletter files done for my "other" clients (TP and PY), and finished the latest Wagnervana comic:

That finishes my "Good Dream/Not-So-Good Dream" series. Hope you enjoyed it, for what it's worth. I figured it would only make sense that a legless dog would dream about doing things normal dogs do all the time, but simply take for granted. Ooh! How cleverly philosophical of me!

Actually, I thank God often for the simple things... eyes and ears that work, legs, arms and hands that work, a roof over my head, a job... you know, that sort of thing. I suppose some would suggest being thankful for what you have, while others would suggest striving to achieve what you don't have. Different mindsets, I suppose. Nothing wrong with either one, I think. One sort of looks back while the other looks forward. Not sure much would get done if the world didn't have it's share of people who were never satisfied with what they had and where they were at...

And Carl, I wrestled with that one. I never intended for him to be a talking cat - I actually wanted him to be a 95% regular, round-the-house cat that we all know and love (or loathe, as the case may be) with a couple odd quirks - the glove on the tail, the slapping, the sunglasses. I don't really want to overly anthropomorphize either Carl or Rollo - that's been so overdone.

I know there's a lot of wasted space in the second Carl panel - the problem was I said all I wanted to say with that panel, and couldn't think of anything to insert that would add to the panel in any way. If you want, right-click the comic, hit "save as" and save it to your computer, then print it out, grab a pen, and add something there, like a smiley-face or a Killroy Was Here drawing...

Meh, well, I guess that's a byproduct of making things up as I go, eh?

And in Obscure Gaming News... I finally received my Veteran's Sniper Badge tonight in Battlefield 2! w00t w00t! Next on line to achieve is:
- Veteran's Knife Badge (9 more knife kills)
- Sergeant Major Rank (8,800 more global points)
- Veteran's Driver Badge (5 road kills in a round)

Now I'm forcing myself to play as Medic, so I can try to get my Veteran's Medic Badge, which is the only thing holding me back from getting my Marksman Infantry Medal.

Hey, don't laugh! Including achievements was a brilliant feature for EA to have in Battlefield 2. It's the only reason I'm still playing it. There would be no point in playing if the stats weren't being tracked, so you could get that false sense of accomplishment. Pulling up my stats page, gawking at all of the medals and ribbons I've earned, pretending it means something... There's something psychologically satisfying about it - enough so for me to have logged over 500 hours of play time with that game... an achievement I am at once proud and embarrassed of!

I did get some sun today, though, in case you were overly concerned with my health and well-being. I went on an hour-long walk with wifey, and then I trimmed the bushes in the backyard and in the front yard. The bushes had grown menacingly feral, I mean, Little Shop of Horrors - type growth... something had to be done, and I was just the man to do it! I showed them who the boss was, that's for darn sure! ROOOAR!!!!

Well, tomorrow is Sunday, which means church. Gonna skedadle and read for a bit before bed. Until tomorrow, remember, diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way.

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Abbie said...

hahahahahaha, oh my goodness i love the carl strip!! that was awesome!!! hahaha, wonderful.... all your strips are good and your dream segment was very clever. Top notch dave!