Friday, April 17, 2009

Does It Smell Like Feet In Here To You?

"Your opinion" or "You're a pinion", which one?

Ah, the weekend! How was your week? Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10...

Ah, the old standby! Bring back memories, Abbie? I used to ask my Sunday School class that every week. In fact, I think Abbie used to record everyone's answers in a notebook, and then track the stats. Cool.

Stats are fun for me, in spite of the fact that I'm not particularly a fan of math. I love occasionally pouring over my Battlefield 2 stats. In fact, a couple days ago (I forget which day), I assembled a list of badges, ribbons and other assorted achievements I could realistically attain before Summer started. Too bad the only one who might be remotely interested in such information has far-more-pressing, real-life Battlefield concerns over in [Unnamed Unstable Region]. Dave-O and I used to play BF2 together - some of my favorite memories of the past 5 years, actually. Fun time, fun times...

While on the topic of "game news of interest to me only", I might as well update you on my Fallout 3 status. Decided to finish the main quest before realizing that you die at the end, and therefore cannot continue the game. It ends! I was a bit miffed, to say the least! I had things to do still!

And my Quick Save and Autosave were both inside the final room, in which I am locked, with no way out except forward, to the end game. After so many hours! My anger was short-lived when I found out that the developers anticipated just such a situation, and had the game create a hard save file before entering the final scene. Usually, you have to create the hard saves manually - a habit which I stopped engaging in long ago, since the save game files usually are big, and the more you accumulate, the more space on your hard drive, yadda yadda.

Anyway, I was relieved, loaded up that game-created hard save and ducked out. I have hoarded all of the mini-nukes I've found, and I wanted to use them to wreak havoc! Plus, I still have two bobbleheads to locate...

Wow! If yesterday's post was so boring no one commented, I shudder to think about this post so far! I doubt anyone's still reading at this point!

I better do something fast... I know! The "Minjas" episode of Ask A Ninja!

There, much better...

Spent some quality time working on rug design greeting cards for the Rug Care Central site today. Plus, I came up with (what I hope turns out to be) a good idea of what to get wifey for her upcoming birthday. 

Hmm. Slipping back into terminally boring... I better put some words about dealing with quicksand:

Quicksand: Bad Idea - trusting the movies. Do this, and you'll end up thinking that quicksand is something that only happens in the jungle or the desert, and that the average patch has no discernable bottom. But quicksand, as it turns out, isn't some Lovecraftian entity come to devour human souls. It's really just your average run-of-the-mill sand and clay that's been saturated with water, usually from an underground spring. Technically, you don't even need sand - any old fine-grained soil will do. According to the US Geological Survey, quicksand can pop up just about anywhere. It could be waiting for you right now, out in the backyard. On the plus side, though, that stuff about it being bottomless is also bunk. Most patches of quicksand would barely reach up to your waist, let alone be deep enough to cover your head. So before you start screaming for help, it might be a good idea to just try standing up. Unless you like being made fun of by emergency response crews.

That's from the book Be Amazing.

There, now you know something new! See? I provide a service other than pure, brainless entertainment! You know about quicksand and about midget ninjas! Let's see... what else can I teach you today... I know! How to survive a zombie attack!

There. I think my work here is done for today. Until tomorrow, remember, if at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.


Jayson said...
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Jayson said...

yeah fallout 3! I want to get that game!
I'll probably get that game next week for my ps3. Good thing you saved before the last mission. Lol.
Now I know the ending.You should put a spoiler alert for us who are planning to get it or in the middle of the game.

Bob the Tired said...

i hope that wasn't Michael Dudikoff behind the ninja mask :(

btw, the guys from Mythbusters totally busted the myth about quicksand the way it's shown in the movies :D



Anonymous said...

David...the ninja information was a grandma who picks up and hugs 'small people' this is a wake up call for me...please put some kind of hat or cute bow on Maggie so I can pick her out of a small crowd...thanks, Grandma Kate

Dave-O said...

hahaha great sir great. yup yup the good ol' bf2 days they were great and as soon as i hit the states again we gotta get some more goin! knife fighting HAHA. and i had forgot about ask ninja HAHAHAHA


Abbie said...

oh yeah, dave, i remember that! haha, it was great, and someone always loved the 8s. Was it you? a standard week for them was 8 practically every week :) good times...