Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BRB, Gotta Go Drop Deuce Off at the Pool.

"Take a shower" or "Shake a tower", you decide...

Good day to you, wherever you are! "Good day to you"... man, it sounds so formal. I should have a polo shirt on when I say that. And a sweater draped "just so" over my shoulders. Plaid knickers on, $300 designer sunglasses, a cocktail in one hand, a putter in the other. I've just tipped the cabana boy $40 cash for bringing me my drink. I've taken a sip, paused for a moment to check the blend, taken a deep breath, let it out, spotted you walking across the outdoor cafe, nodded and said "good day to you!"

You walk by, smack the drink out of my hand, fart on my club sandwich and walk away wearing my shades, which you snatched off my face, leaving a scratch mark on my cheek.

Gee, thanks. That's what I get for being nice. I don't know why they let your type in here in the first place.

Now I need a lozenge.

Where was I?

Rug Shop Day today, got a lot done. Nuff said. Website and other marketing-related projects. More tomorrow.

I may go in to see a doctor tomorrow. I'm concerned I may have a blood clot in my leg. Most likely not, but better safe than sorry. I do sit on my rump in front of a computer all day, every day, into the wee hours, and I'm almost 40, so I'm tempting fate as it is. I'm in a fairly sedentary rut. I don't walk with wifey as much as I used to.

Besides, if I kicked the bucket from a blood clot, what would you all do without me? You need me! So for your sakes, I'll try and stick around a while longer...

Watched a funny clip yesterday on boing boing that led to another clip, that led to another, you know how it goes... anyway, the final result is a clip worth posting here, for your enjoyment! It has a cat in it, so that will have to be your Carl fix until the next comic comes out...

Come on, you gotta admit that's pretty funneh. Even if you don't like cats.

Watched a movie tonight on NetFlix watch instantly called JCVD that was pretty good. Check out this Rotten Tomatoes page for info on the flick. I liked it, even though it was dubbed English instead of subtitles, like I prefer. I like to hear the actors in their own voice and their own original language. You pick up on emotions and tension and other verbal nuances that way too, instead of the lame overdubs normally devoid of such things.

I tried to watch my "other" Netflix disc tonight as well, Dark City. Made it about 20 minutes in (or so) before pulling the plug. Not only was the story lame, but it had an amazingly miscast Keifer Sutherland in a role he was born not to play. I laughed. It was not a comedy. Nuff said.

Finishing up the Piranha newsletters tonight - in fact, I took a break to write this post. Gotta get some invoices in the mail Thursday if possible. I need some $$$! The first is here!

Wifey's birthday approaches. Can you feel a disturbance in the force, or is it just me?

I think I'm going to call it a night. Until tomorrow, remember, if it isn't Scottish, it's crap!


marky said...

That is so my cat! He's recently been going to the toilet, then spending ten minutes tearing around my flat like he's just had some sort of cat-nip energy bar!

You’re sooooo right. If it isn't Scottish, it's just no good. In fact, if it isn't mashed up and put inside a sheep’s stomach, it just doesn’t taste right!

Good luck with the doctors, David. I hope it’s nothing serious.

Jedi-Master Bob said...

may the force be with you, young padawan!

Anonymous said...

Dave..I like the cat video..this cat and Carl are both changing my mind about cats..I may get a cartoon cat when I retire..or maybe just one to keep on the web site...see you at the shop...Gertie

Abbie said...

and the moral of that clip is: declaw your cat!! or trim at least :D I hate it when mocha does her claw thing on my lap, I always grab a blanket for protection :D