Sunday, April 12, 2009

That's One Small Steppe For Man...

Man, things just haven't been the same since The Undertaker beat HBK at Wrestlemania 25...

Easter has come and gone! I hope it was a good one for you. Me? It turned out much better than I thought it might.

The play went off without a hitch (that I saw). I remembered all my lines, as did Yanni and Rebekah (great job, Reb!), which was (I believe) a first for us. It was pretty cool that the first flawless run-through just happened to be the time we did it "for real". Cool beans. What a relief.

Went up to my mom's house with wifey and kids to eat ham and other terrific foods. In fact, I ate so much food that I must post a video of the Jason Mraz song "Too Much Food". He doesn't have a music video for the song (that I could find), but I did locate a fan video (made by some other yahoo, not by me), which is basically just a slide show of pictures of JM while the song plays. I'm posting it just for the audio, though...

Cool song.

Brother Johnny was up at Mom's house, too. We watched the final round of the Masters together, which was fun.

WARNING: I'm going to talk golf for the next paragraph! If reading about golf causes you pain, please skip down a bit...

I cannot believe the Duck won the tourney - especially after that ridiculously ugly par he got on the first playoff hole. He sent his tee shot right, into the woods, ending up behind a tree - literally! In instead of just chipping back out into the fairway, he decided to try and sneak a low shot wide right, for reasons I still cannot fathom. He lined it low and right (away from the green, mind you) and it hit a tree trunk about 40 yards in front of him, and ricocheted hard left, ending up back out in the fairway! Which is where he should have chipped it to begin with! He then hit a decent third shot to get about 10 feet away, and drained it for par.

If the other two guys hadn't choked their second shots, the Duck would have been done. Instead, he goes to the next hole and wins the green jacket with a par. Ugly, ugly win.

My sister Lisa was up there as well. Our Easter visit turned into (basically) a series of business meetings, which I trust will prove productive. I brought a lot of "relaxing" stuff with me to the visit, but I didn't get to much of it, which is fine. I did get to tinker with my DS for a little while (playing Dr. Mario), and as I mentioned earlier, watched the last few holes of the Masters with Johnny boy, but the rest of the stuff I brought along (including the comic, the Black Company book, my notebook computer, some Piranha work etc.) remained untouched. Hey, I'm a professional time fritterer, so it was probably far better to spend the time chatting as we did. A business plan is materializing.

The food was great. Brought home a buttload of leftovers. Just ate some more, as a matter of fact. I *always* regret eating after 10pm. What a way to top off a holiday! Acid Reflux! My old friend! Ah, well, the roast was worth it... and I have a good book to read until I fall asleep sitting up on the couch.

Mom: Thanks for the great grub and the great day!

Bob: I got the first disc of Season One of Big Bang Theory from Netflix, based on your recommendation. I'll watch some on Monday and report back.

Abbie and Rebekah: Thanks for the encouraging comments, and for your efforts in the Easter thingy!

Dave-O: Stay safe!

Havah: Where are you!

Joseph!: You are The Man. Maybe we can catch a flick or something soon.

Vye: I'm going to post that video you recommended today. I've seen it and it's cool.

Of course, it's from another Japanese TV show...

I think that covers just about all of my regular readers... the ones that comment, anyway...

Tax Week begins! I talked to my tax man yesterday and came up with a plan to pay both my 2008 taxes (I owe a hefty sum) and my 2009 estimated taxes (an even heftier sum). But it's a workable plan, so at least that's been resolved. I'll send off some dough on Wednesday, and that will be 2 out of 5 major events behind me (Easter and Tax Day). I still have Wifey's 40th, the trip to Albuquerque and wifey's marathon. Of course, I have other events as well, but those are the highest stress events.

Well, I'm going to go for now. Sorry for the mellow post. I'm sure my posts are more interesting when I'm in my Rockstar-fueled manic mode. Gonna go work on the comic before reading and getting to bed late.

If you haven't done so, click on the cherry blossom pic at the top of this post, and look at the enlarged version of it. It's amazing.

Until tomorrow, remember, don't squat with your spurs on!


Bob the Glorious said...

Let me know what you think of BBT, dave ;)

Joseph said...

Yes we should! Upcoming flicks I will need to see: (in order of opening date)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Star Trek
Terminator Salvation
Land of the Lost
Year One
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Yes, that is how I ended it. Harry Potter. It's gotta happen.

Of course there are a few more mixed in there but those are the main ones.

Rebekah said...

No kidding first time through with no goofs. Pretty good. It was an honor working with you but I am glad it is over.
Ok next holiday we need to do something like the Japanese video you posted. How cool would that be? Pastor would love it...
As for Joe: Harry Potter, really? I hang my head in shame.

Dave-O said...

hahaha glad all went well sir! and congrats to the rest of the cast yet another spectacular play that i have missed out on. well gotta go and play soldier for a bit, actually get to play with some explosives today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAHAHAHAHA BOUT TIME MUHAHAHAHAHA WHAT CAN I BLOW UP AND DESTROY TODAY....OH HOW BOUT THAT CAN THATS BEEN ROLLIN AROUND OUTSIDE ALL DAY...HUMMM 1LBS OF C4 WOULD THAT BE OVER KILL FOR A COKE CAN? NAH LOL nah actuallygettin some boom boom time and well be fun. sorry no cameras alowed on this journey, got a big wig goin to be there and they don't like stuff with them to end up on youtube.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave-I thought that the play went very well. Job well done. The prayer at the end was very sincere and it transitioned well.