Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do I Really Have To Eat Another Beef Jerky Sundae? *groan*

"Pomegranate" or "palm of granite," which one? SLAP!

Well, I've been blogging for three solid months now. What have I learned? Well, I've learned to stay up really late every night. I'm reading every night. I'm sleeping on the couch every night. Of course, I was hoping that writing in the blog daily would help inspire me to work on my novel, which is continuing to flounder...

I have enjoyed doing this blog, though. I like posting the Favorite Scenes, and the book/movie reviews. The Daily trivia stuff too. And the comics.

That reminds me; here's the latest one...

As you can see, I'm continuing the "dream" theme... the idea being that you can tell a lot about a person by what they dream about, good and bad. Of course, though these characters are all based on people I know, what they dream about has not been made known to me... I'm just basically taking educated guesses. Still, it's a butt-load of fun to make them. Though increasingly time-consuming, as I mentioned last night. No promises on the final strip of this sequence, but it should be much easier to draw. Only Carl and Rollo remain, and I know exactly what I want to do with them.

The family went to Sea World today, and of course, they all loved it. They took lots of pics. I'll find a good pic or two and post it up tomorrow - so you have THAT to look forward to!!!

Went into the rug shop today. Things are tense. We'll see what tomorrow holds. 'Nuff said.

On the plus side, I stopped by Chipotle on the way home and ate a burrito the size of a human head. It has been with me ever since, lo, these many hours, sitting like a stone in the depths of me. And I stopped by the book store also, to spend the rest of my gift card. I bought a series from an(other) author I heard highly praised online, named Glen Cook. He has a series called The Chronicles of the Black Company that is supposed to rock. I bought a single volume with the first three books in the series included in it. I hope it's good!

I'll let you know.

Todayve In History: April 2
- April 2, 1914: Sir Alec Guinness was born! (You know... the old guy that played the original Obi Wan Kenobi... yeah, that guy. Well, Star Trek got some love tonight, it's only fair I throw a bone to Star Wars, too...)

- April 2, 1877: The first Easter Egg roll to be held on the White House lawn. (Afterward, President Hayes ate 75 marshmallow chicks and vomited.)

- April 2, 1954: Plans to build Disneyland were first announced. (Please don't start singing "It's A Small World"... please!!!! NOOO!!!!!)

Well, I'm gonna go polish off some Piranha projects (obscure pun, right there!) , then read, and go the heck to bed.

Until tomorrow, remember, the hardest part of ice skating... is the ice.


Vye said...

:( frostmourn! Well done Dave, you made the armor/sword so detailed. It must have taken you forever. Zack's clip was awesome, I'm surprised you didn't have Carl in there somewhere with a badge or on screen as captain of another ship. Good thing he's in the next comic, I miss him already.

Anonymous said...

great comic Dave...I could use Captian Kirk at the shop..and possibly Vye..but its time to come and take Carl home..hes just making everyone mad...Sadie

David Wagner said...

There's certainly room to develop the first Zack panel more - I just ran out of steam, really. I was going to add Rollo and more of the original Star Trek crew. Perhaps I'll add more in the future.

I also might tinker with the wording in the first Vye panel... it isn't a Samson reference, it was suppose to refer to long hair flying free in the breeze, like the cloak, and how friggin cool it looks. Short hair wouldn't be as cool in those photo-ops...

Joseph said...

I read for the obscure puns.