Saturday, April 11, 2009

What an Empty, Depressing Post Today!

Man, do I feel like fecal matter right now. I'm about to crash, perhaps for the night. I thought I'd hop on here and drop a quick post, in case I don't get back on before midnight.

Today fit the mold pretty much to a T. Stayed up late reading, got up late this morning. Went into work for a business meeting - was not in my best form, that's for sure. It's hard for me to focus lately - I think it's the worry over remembering my lines for the Easter dealybob tomorrow morning. Once that's behind me, hopefully, I'll return to form. Just feeling overwhelmed and incomptetent lately (no, Bob, I didn't say 'incontinent'!).

I know, I know. "Geez, Dave, all you do is whine!" Well, that's not entirely true... I also pass my fair share of wind. In fact, more than my fair share, really... I should legally change my name to Windle...

Met with Yanni for a while tonight to rehearse some more.

I even bought myself a nice lunch at On The Border, in an effort to cheer myself up. Didn't work.

Is it ok if I cry you a river? lol, what a llama I am...

I don't have anything funny for you today. We'll just pretend this post was worth reading, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, I hope you all have a good Easter.


Vye said...

As long as you're this llama

Rebekah said...

Ya know, I have been feeling that way too for a while now. Don't have as many excuses because I have less troubling things to deal with, yet it is there none the less.
I wanted to comment on your 'prayer' or dialog on the last scene of the play. I know you just pulled it out of... Where ever and you weren't thrilled about doing it but it came out pretty awesome. Probably going to be the best part.

Abbie said...

and that llama is officially the best one ever :) good work vye!
Dave, the play was awesome! Splendid work at all parts! You too Rebekah!