Monday, April 27, 2009

Uh, Could You Please Use Your "Inside Voice" Now? kthxbye!

"Batter up" or "Batten down", you decide.

Good day to you all, fellow beef jerky afficianados! Ah, the wonder meat! 

Wait... I'm the only beef jerky fan here? Man, did I get my lines crossed!

Actually, my wife bought me some specialty gourmet beef jerky for Christmas a few years back. Different types made from different cuts of beef. The prime rib jerky was heaven, every bite. Like chewing on love. 

I read a story the other day about a company that will make you custom business cards out of beef jerky, and laser-inscribe your contact info on them. How cool is that? 

People with think of you every time they floss!

Worked on the June newsletter files for Piranha today. In case you track that sort of thing. You never know... perhaps you gather data on my working habits and chart it out, pie charts, line graphs, that sort of thing. I'd hate for you to have incomplete data from which to prove your hypothoses...

Also worked on the greeting card art for the website. Tedious, true, but it needs to be done. When that part of the site is "live", I'll link it for you, so you can buy all kinds of stuff. 

Ran some errands with the family as well today. WHEEE!!!!! Wifey had a craving for ice cream, and a Cold Stone coupon, so we initiated the Ice Cream Subquest and set out as a party. The quest was a total failure, however. The two Cold Stone Creameries in Escondido both are closed down! Victims of the recession, I suppose. 

Plan C was to stop by a RiteAid Pharmacy for some cheap and ugly "discount" ice cream - a far cry from the lofty heights of Cold Stone Mountain, but it still (barely) qualifies as ice cream. Of course, they didn't have any of the flavors that wifey liked, so she returned empty handed from the failed Plan C Variation SubQuest. 

The three-year-old pitched a gargantuan fit because she didn't get ice cream. She'd already had a sucker, but she wanted ice cream also. The fit was near-Biblical in scope and duration and power - I was amazed, and extremely grateful that we were in our car and not in a restaurant or some such. I'd never seen her do that before. I hope it's an isolated occurance.

She came home and napped hard. I guess all that fit-pitching can wear a girl out!

Got my People's Medallion tonight in Battlefield 2, w00t w00t. I did so by finally logging my hundredth full hour playing on the Chinese side. The funny thing about playing as the Chinese - an hour later, you want to play again!

4 more knife kills to go until I get my Veteran Knife Badge! It's only taken me almost 4 years to get 46 knife kills! That's all! Can you believe it!

I missed mentioning the 23rd anniversary of Chernobyl yesterday. Certainly, no laughing matter, of course. Crazy times. The Wash Manager at our rug shop is Russian, and knew people who were directly affected by that event. 

I have a PC game that I have yet to play that takes place in the ruins of Chernobyl. It was made by a Russian developer. It's called STALKER. Supposed to be a good game; I'll play it someday for sure.

Anyway, here's a video clip of the US military testing a nuclear artillery unit in Nevada in 1953. I'm kinda glad these things were never used in battle.

Tomorrow will be more of the same - newsletters and website, until both are done, I hope. Wifey's birthday party is this weekend. Have some shopping to do. Don't have the funds, but I can't let that stop me. A 40th birthday is a big deal - I need to make sure it is adequately celebrated, or I will regret it for a looooong time... My 40th will be next Summer. I gotta think of something wild and out of the ordinary to do. Open to suggestions.

I should do a comic strip: Things I Want To Do Before I Die. My Bucket List, I guess. Could be funny, methinks... I'd hate to have to realize I was dying to finally try to do stuff like that, you know? Reminds me of a lyric from a Christian song a couple years back that said, "And now I ask, O why did I wait to live until it was time to die?"

Oops, getting morose, sorry. Here's another clip from Big Bang Theory to bring things back up again...

A friendship algorithm. Awesome.

Well, I think that does it for me today. Until tomorrow, remember, consistency is the final refuge of the unimaginative.


Bootstrap Bob said...

that algorithm scene was so funny!!! :D

glad you're still enjoying the show... need any other recommendations regarding TV shows? :D

marky said...

Mmmmmmm, beef jerky. A kind of meaty haze descended on me after you mentioned beef jerky.

How long is Johnny Galecki going to get away with playing a college student for? Is he the new Michael J Fox? I just don't buy it.

David Wagner said...

Actually, their characters are all scientists, long-since graduated. They're just hardcore nerds... like me!

Abbie said...

that was pretty funnny actually! :) there was a friendship algorithm on Numb3rs, which is a pretty good show, not as funny as that but it has great family dynamics. pretty cool (not the 1st half of the 1st season though...) :)

Bob the Geek said...

yeah, but Numbers is a crime show ;)

David Wagner said...

I tried a couple episodes of Numb3rs last year. It didn't do much for me. If you're saying the first half of season 1 is ungood, Abbie, maybe I should try it again, eh?

Abbie said...

yes it is a crime show, but it is still good! :) yeah, maybe start with season two or something :) the end of season 3 was great, but then you have to already love hte characters, which i do :D