Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Crazy" Is Such A Subjective Term...

OK, let me set this straight, once and for all, in case it just isn't clear in your mind. OK, now... focus. This will be the last time I try and clear this up for you, ok? You ready? OK.

Wait, what was I talking about again?

Oh, nevermind! Man, you're such a scatterbrain!

Tax Day came and went. An arm and a leg are on the way to the US Treasury, and a pinky toe is on it's way to the State Franchise Board. Buncha cannibals. I hope they choke! Well, I mean, I don't want them to die choking, of course, I mean I am a Christian, and we're not supposed to wish ill will on anyone. But I do hope they, like, start to choke, but someone is nearby that knows the Heimlich maneuver, and then, after they save the choker, he'll be all, "Whew, thanks, that was close. I almost choked to death right there, eh!"

Then they can go out and have a nice steak dinner. With the money I sent them.

Wait, what was I talking about again?

Got some work-related odds and ends done today. Got a lot of positive feedback on my latest wacky comic. Some constructive criticism as well. (Noted: more walk-by blasts on Laythe next time. Also noted: Introduce new character, "Abbie and her pet Desert Lizard Desmond"... or is it "dessert"? I can never get that right... probably makes a ton of difference to the lizard, though... wait, what was I talking about again?)

Watched the rest of the first disc of The Big Bang Theory, season one. My funny bone runneth over. I laughed myself to sleep last night. Then I woke up laughing. But in between I dreamt I piloted a zebra-striped zeppelin full of costumed midgets while wearing a wedding dress... wait, what was I talking about again?

Having finished the first Disc, I immediately bumped the next two discs to the top of my NetFlix queue, and thought in the interim, I'd try a British sitcom on Watch Instantly called The IT Crowd, which also features nerd humor (except over there, they spell it "humour"). It's kind of like The Office meets Big Bang Theory meets 30 Rock meets Fawlty Towers meets Lord of the Rings meets the Flinstones meets the Democratic National Convention meets the PGA Tour meets Project Runway... wait, what was I talking about again?

Check out the eye liner on that cat! Run, emo cat, run!!!!

The question remains: How late will I need to stay up tonight, in order to go get Eldest Daughter after her shift at American Eagle is done? Last night, it was 2 am before she got off. The night before, it was 2:45 am. That's my girl! I taught her to stay up ridiculously late like that! I mean, having an on-track body clock is, like, so overrated! You know, really, the human body only needs, like, an hour of sleep a night or something... provided you force down a lot of caffeine and sugar and other natural supplements. And fiber. And corn starch. Wait, what was I talking about again..?

Tomorrow, I go into the rug shop again! Here's a link to that Rug Shop Tour Video Clip I was bragging about last week. Warning: if you follow the link and watch it, be prepared... there are no fart jokes in the 4-minute clip at all. Well, I mean, there are two fart jokes in there, but they're subliminal ones. Hey, we're a professional business! The flatulence references can't be blatant in the business-related marketing like they can in my comic strips!

I'm sleepy.

I'm going to go now.

Until tomorrow, remember... wait, what was I talking about again?


Bob v.1.01 said...

Professional video, dave...

You had me at "enzyme treatments for animal activity" :D

David Wagner said...

I should have said "cat turds"...

Bob v.1.02 said...

or "Carl activity" :D

Abbie said...

hey, good video. I watched kate's electrical modification one too, thats pretty cool work she does :) I've known you guys for so long, but I never really knew what the business was like :D pretty cool stuff.
I like lizards :D

Dave-O said...

GREAT STUFF SIR!!!!! loved the comic, and haha your as random as i was today so it was a great read :D

oh btw i blew something for you up the other day, LOL. It was an old computer tower that someone had thrown on the side of the road, we went all office space on it for a bit then i had a brain fart (and a real one followed what a coincidence ) i packed half a pound of C4 in it and sent it to it's proper place for all of us gamers that have had any cpu trouble at any time in the middle of a game, LOL, it was quit AWESOME


Rebekah said...

I was just going to recommend the IT Crowd to you. Great show!