Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's the Straw That Brought the Camels Back...

As Thursday draws to its conclusion, one thought haunts me... Easter Dress Rehearsal tomorrow! AAAAA!!!!! Run!

I may put my participation in holiday productions on indefinite hold after this one. I don't understand what's going on inside me, in reference to church-related stuff. I'm still very much pro-God - probably stronger than ever - it's just church stuff that my patience seems to be running out for.

But enough of that!

Quick, Dave, post a video of cute kittens!

Whew! That was close.

Rug Shop Day today. I was drained all day. Left early, in fact, came right home and took a massive nap in my office comfy chair. I could barely keep awake on the drive home. I wasn't up any later than usual last night, and I woke up at a decent hour this morning... perhaps it's mostly psychological. I'm kind of stewing in a bad attitude lately - which I feel responsible for when I'm awake. So perhaps I escape into sleep to avoid having to be responsible for my bummer attitude, who knows...

I went to read Black Company last night, but got sidetracked by praying. I'm in a weird place, and answers seem hidden from me.

Heard from a friend via email yesterday, one I hadn't spoken to in quite a while (since before Christmas). That lifted my spirits - Jeff is a great guy. He said he recently acquired a new pair of .45 Wilson handguns... color me green with envy. We always planned to go shooting together, but it never happened before he moved back to the Midwest. It's not like I'm a big gun nut - I've only been shooting twice, actually. The first time was at a couple's retreat a few years ago, where I got to shoot a .22 rifle, and then more recently I went shooting with Mr. Derr at a range in Escondido, where I got to shoot his 9mm handgun.

In my ever-active quest to assure myself of my manhood, it felt good to shoot a gun. I want to do it again. Anyway, Wilson handguns are the best. I'd like to get a .45 myself, even though it makes the wife nervous. Not so much for home defense, though that would be psychologically calming, in part. I heard that if you can't access a handgun in 5 seconds or less (in case of burglar, etc.) then a handgun is useless. So it would be pointless to have one in that regard - I'm certainly not going to keep a handgun easily accessible with a 3 year old around.

I do have a DVD set for self-defense which is really good, and has given me confidence, as far as handling potential asocially violent situations. Took a lot of the fear of out day-to-day living. Yes, I know, as Christians, we're suppose to look to God to protect us from baddies, I get it. I've never been mugged or robbed or assaulted in my life, and I thank God for that. I have no reason to think I will be assaulted any time soon. Still, it's nice to have a skill set to accompany the prayers of protection. I mean, the number of stories are legion where Christians have been assaulted, God's promises of protection notwithstanding. I'm not calling God a liar or a slacker, I just can't put the two together yet. He promises to protect us... unless He decides not to - and then it will be for a good reason!

Or else maybe He'll say "Why didn't you learn to defend yourself, eh?"

I feel better about my ability to try and protect myself and my fam against a weapon-wielding loony with the training and the faith together. Nothing's fool proof, of course. A drug-crazed loony could still do damage before I even realize what's happening - that's in God's hands ultimately. But I rest a little better knowing a few dozens of ways to inflict lightning-quick devastating injury on someone if the situation ever called for it.

Listen to me try and psyche myself up, lol. Well, I love my kids. They are my greatest treasures. I would die if anything ever happened to them and I didn't have the know-how to try and stop it.

Ooh, I'm all serious tonight! Whoa! Too bad the latest comic isn't ready yet! That would sure add some juvenile levity to the situation!

Todayve In History: April 10
- April 10, 1912: The RMS Titanic sets sail on it's doomed maiden voyage. (Lucky for us, no one warned Leo, otherwise the movie would have sucked.)

- April 10, 1916: The first professional golf tournament was held. (Tiger probably won that one, too.)

- April 10, 1947: Jackie Robinson became the first black in modern major league baseball. (The man had nads of steel, that's for sure. *respect*)

- April 10, 1955: Dr. Jonas Salk successfully tests the Polio vaccine. (One of the major moments in the last century, actually. No quip appropriate.)

- April 10, 1957: The Suez Canal opens for all traffic. (Except the French. No French allowed.)

I was going to post a Steven Segal fight scene movie clip, in honor of his April 10th birthday, but I couldn't find one that seemed either amusing enough, or without profanity. So, you'll just have to imagine one, okay? I do strive to make this blog interactive...

Not sure what tomorrow holds. I'll be going into the shop again (4 days this week!) and going on deliveries with my brother Johnny all day. All day in the van! I can't wait! Who knows, perhaps I'll end up living in a van down by the river!

I better post that clip as well, hold on, lemme go fetch it...

Well, that should just about do it for today, methinks. Tune in tomorrow for more vapidity and self-important stuffy nonsense!

Until tomorrow, remember, if God is watching us, the least we can do is try to be entertaining...


Bob the European said...

damn, i can't watch the clip... somehow my computer thinks i'm not from the US... i guess it's right :D

Bob feeling like holidays said...

Happy Easter btw ;)

David Wagner said...

Thanks bro, you too... thanks for still reading this every day. I appreciate it.

Bob the Humble said...

you kidding me? i love reading it... except for the church and god parts :D hey, at least i'm honest ;)

keep it up!