Sunday, April 26, 2009

O, Give Me A Boat, Where the Water Buffalo Roam...

"Limburger" or "limber girl", which one?

Sunday, well spent. Church, chinese food, Battlefield 2, church again, a movie, blogging, and (likely) more Battlefield 2 after this, and capping it off with reading into the wee hours.

Today was officially Eldest Daughter's birthday, although we have been celebrating it for several days now - which you know if you've been reading the last few posts. Her new fish tank is filled and heating and filtering, in preparation for her new arrivals on Tuesday (if things go according to plan). I keep testing the temperature of the water by dipping my head completely into the tank. I hope my hair gel and cologne don't taint the water too badly. Also, it does get her carpet and desktop wet as I shake my head dry in her room, like a sheepdog. Plus, I do end up drinking a good amount of the water each time - I can't help it; my mouth is usually open when I dunk my head in. Sometimes, as my head is underwater, I scream "Fishies! Where are you!? Get into my belly!" 

Then I remember that they're not there yet. I am patient. I will feed soon... Soon.

Why, yes, I did have Starbucks tonight... why do you ask?

Had lunch with Dad and Linda today (the Chinese food I mentioned earlier, remember? Pay attention!) It was yummy. And it's fun watching the three-year-old use chopsticks. But I kept inadvertently touching the underside of the table where I was sitting... there was a sticky, disgusting substance there, which I'm sure would have given me some sort of communicable disease had I failed to wash my hands each time. I think I went three times to the water closet to wash my hands before I developed an iron will strong enough to help me monitor my hand movements for the remainder of the meal. Once I started slapping the kids, it was a lot easier.

I watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid tonight - just finished it minutes ago, actually. Not a bad flick. I don't feel bad about them getting killed at the end - they kind of deserved it, the greedy, foolish llamas. And now I have to listen to some music for a while, so I can get Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head out of my head. That's almost as bad as It's A Small World.

Crap! Now It's A Small World is in my head! NOOOO!!!!

Well, at least it's not the Backyardigan's theme song....


Somebody stop me before I mention something else! Duct tape! Where's the duct tape!

I've assembled a small list of video clips that I like to call: Video Clips That Aren't Appropriate To Post In My Blog, But That Make Me Laugh Every Time. If you'd like the link list, you'll have to email me. Because... wait for it... wait... the clips aren't appropriate to post here in the blog! They're too crude. Sorry, I realize your image of me is blown. Hey, not crude, like "adult" or some worthless nonsense like that. Crude as in, occasional language that I'd rather avoid hearing and/or something scatalogical in nature. I'm not a godless heathen, you know! 

Here's a funny pair of pictures. however:


It's a public toilet on a street corner in Switzerland that is made of one-way glass, so that no one can see in from outside, but if you're inside, you can see everyone milling about, as if you're in the open air. How freaky is that? Here's the link if you want to read about the where and why of it all. Not sure I could use that loo, even knowing I was unseen.

I bet Anthony wouldn't care - he'd spend a half-hour in there, no problem, I bet...

OK, unfortunately, while we're on the subject, I suppose I'll post a video clip after all. This one is right on the edge of belonging in the "Not Quite Appropriate" club, but it's from another Japanese prank show, so it's censored. Still don't quite know how they get away with stuff like this over there...

Todayve In History: April 27
- April 27, 1870: Heinrich Schliemann discovers Troy

In honor of my only entry in today's daily trivia, here is the fight scene from the movie Troy between Hector and Achilles.

I think that's going to be all for me tonight. Thanks to everyone that commented on my latest comic. Now that I ponder it, it was kind of odd for me to put so much time and energy into a comic that only a small fraction of my already-small reader pool would "get". But, hey, what can I say... "write what you know" right? It's what I know. The next strip is already brewing deep with me.... or maybe that's the leftover lasagna I had a couple hours ago...

Dave-O! Happy St. Aaron's Day!

Until tomorrow, I ask: Why can't they make the whole plane out of the material it's little Black Box is made out of?


Bob 3000 said...

hahaha.. cool idea with the toilet.. i could solve sudokus in there aaaaaall day :D

marky said...

I go away for a few days, and there's a multitude of posts to read! Your Fallout3 comic was brilliant. Your stats were superb, especially the spastic colon!
Bravo sir, bravo.
Now to read through the rest. Do you know there is a limit to how funny one man should be? And you’re nearly maxing out your funny card! Good job.

Vye said...

The fight scene between Hector and Achilles is one of my favorites. I don't think I could bear the brutality of hand to hand combat. Once Hector hurt his leg I would have put him in a full nelson until he said uncle. Guys were/are weird about their honor. I guess he would have preferred death over humiliation, which is less masculine IMO.

"Limburger" or "limber girl", which one?^ Could not choose after much deliberation. Is there a default or recommended choice? :-P

Nice job recording the skit/dance thingy. It was fun to watch.