Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Freedom of Peach, and the Right to Pear Arms.

"Peas and Carrots" or "Keys and Parrots", you decide...

Hey, remember that one time? Yeah, you know, that one time, where that thing... yeah, that time, remember?

Me too.

Another nice day wandered by today - it was such a sunny laid-back SoCal day that I almost said the word "dude". Yeah, the SoCal vibe is getting to me. Beautiful weather today. So, of course, I stayed inside, mostly. Except for a quick Target run with wifey, to buy house supplies we need with money we don't have. Hey, debt is as American as apple pie, whining, getting fat, and passing wind on one's children! Taking all that into account, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone more patriotic than I!

Watched the last two episodes of Season One of Big Bang Theory. It held up pretty well to the end. It started to show signs of self-awareness and smug self-satisfaction about two-thirds of the way through the season, losing some of it's charming naivete. But overall, I still recommend it. Although, honestly, for a group of such hard-core nerds, they sure seem to be sleeping around a lot. Kind of ruins some of the serious otherworldly Nerdvana vibe, but hey, I guess they're trying to broaden the audience. 

The RugCareCentral.com merchandise section is coming along terrifically, thanks to all of Josh's hard work. I'm in the process of adding all of the stuff for sale, and we should be running test purchases by the end of the week.

Got some more work-related odds and ends done as well. All in all, a very productive day. And I drank another Guava-flavored Rockstar! Once again, here's the pictorial proof!

Of course, one could protest and claim I simply used the same can in both shots, but if you look close enough, you'll see slight variations in the denting patterns of both cans. True, I could have manipulated the denting patterns in Photoshop, and being so proficient, I could have been very convincing about it - I mean, I am a pro. Nevertheless, I humbly request you take my word for it. It's legit.

I'm wearing my lucky Scrabble T-shirt, in case you couldn't notice in that pic. I've had it for years, since I received it as a birthday gift from my good pal, Joseph. Of course, the thing with lucky shirts is, they only retain their luck until they are washed. The shirt is still lucky - I'll let you draw your own conclusions...

Making great progress on the next comic. 

Here's today's Bizarre Recipe of the Day: Hot Dog-Enhanced Spaghetti!

Apparently, you take uncooked strands of spaghetti, push them through cut-up sections of hot dogs, then boil it all together in a pot of H2O, and ta-da! A creepy, yet fun, meal that kids are bound to enjoy! I better not show my kids this - I'm sure they'll want to try it...

No video clips for you today. And in fact, March 22 didn't have any "events" that sparked my interest, other than the fact that it's Jack Nicholson's birthday. No, not the golfer! That's Jack Nicklaus! Sheesh! No, not the CTU agent! That's Jack Bauer! Come on! Get your Jack's straight, will ya! No, no no! Not the beatnik hack poet! That was Jack Kerouac!

Good grief, you're impossible today! Never mind!

I was pondering the advantages and disadvantages of being a creature of habit and/or routine last night: Safe, predictable, boring, futile, comforting, depressing. I'll let you decide which category those go under. 

Current Book: Shadows Linger by Greg Cook (Black Company Chronicles, book 2)
Current Game: Freecell (Kind of getting sick of Fallout 3)
Current Music: Miley Cyrus (I kid, I kid, relax...)
Coming Next from Netflix: Dark City (Directors' Cut), and Eagle Eye (for wifey)
Current Sandwich: PB&J with the crusts cut off. (Well, Brian, this is a very nutritious lunch. All the basic food groups are represented. Did your mom marry Mr. Rodgers?)

Until tomorrow, remember, radioactive cats have 18 lives.

P.S. 5 points if you can guess the movie quote after the PB&J reference... 25 points if you know it without looking it up!


Joseph said...

I was in Laguna Beach on Sunday (It was our one year anniversary can you believe it?!?) and one of the art shops had a big Jack Bauer painting for sale. It was beautiful. It beat the crap out of the poster I got you thats for sure. I would have bought it but I guess I'm just not patriotic :(

I will never look at spaghetti the same again...

marky said...

Hot dogs and spaghetti? I'm slightly freaked out.

Happy birthday to Jack, and his beanstalk!

Bob the Cheater said...

I'll take the 5 points and say The Breakfast Club :D

Vye said...

Another sighting of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!After all your raving about TBBT I decided to nab the first season and give it a go. I was laughing profusely throughout the first episode. I think Sheldon is going to be my favorite.

Howard tried to get penny to play WoW with him -
Howard: "So you'll think about it?"
Penny: "I won't be able to stop thinking about it!"
hahahaha fail.

Bob 2000 said...

I'm glad you guys like the show... spread the word :D

Abbie said...

hey, it is also Jeffrey Dean Morgan's birthday, a upcoming actor who Reb Jo and I think is pretty cute :D not that you guys cared about the cuteness factor, just thought I'd throw that in there... that spaghetti meal looks totally scary.

David Wagner said...

What, you don't think Jack Nicholson is "cute"? I mean, for like an 80 year old?

Cuteness is overrated anyway... what really matters is, how well does a guy sing in the shower? If that was the rating system, I'd be a 10, for sure. I'd also be a 10 if windiness was a factor...

Dave-O said...

HAHAHAHA okay sorry i missed the last few days, actually got a little busy, LOL, and yes it was an explosive couple of daves....haha two puns in one sentence, sir you have taught me well. Love the celtic tie, i want one now, and yes FUTBOL is a great sport, great blogs sir, and I could have sworn we talked about TBBT before, love the show, extreamly funny!

the maggbert story was funny as well, i can totally picture her doin that HAHA.

so you wanna hear somethng funny? probley noone but myself will think so though HAHA. we doin this "BLOW STUFF UP" thing the last couple days, me and a couple other explosive guys and one officer. Well this officer has been told by someone that cameras and electronics will detonate our charges before we want them, but here the kicker, we don't use remote detonaters so ther is no chance in that happening, and we missed a GREAT photo opp with this last one. :( i mean this mushroom cloud was like 40 feet in the air and like 20 feet wide! we were all like O_O even the officer asked me "dave, are you sure we needed that much expolisives" hhaha then he remebered who i am and took the question back HAHAHAHA just thought i would share that LOL

Abbie said...

haha, very nice dave-o :) glad you are having some fun over there! :D