Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Singing Voice Has Been Compared To Neil Diamond... Unfavorably...

"Filet Mignon" or "Flaming Yawn", which one?

Greetings, ya scurvy dogs! It is I, Captain Davebeard, coming to you live from on board the Good Ship Slackjaw. Actually, it's more of a sloop than a ship, per se...

I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Today was a nice, lazy day around Casa Wagner. Wifey stayed over at a friends house last night so they could wake up and run 20+ miles this morning, in preparation for an upcoming marathon. Crazy. I think recreation and eating should both be pain-free, myself. Why people insist on eating really spicy foods is beyond me. Face turns red, eyes water, sweating profusely, chugging liquids, breathing heavily... oh yeah, that sounds like fun to me!

Wifey had an uncle who carried a little container of chopped habanero peppers with him everywhere, so he could put it on everything he ate. He said food was too bland without it. My theory was that the peppers burned out his taste buds long ago, and that's why he couldn't taste anything anymore.

As for recreation, I'll take something mellow and relaxing any day... such as making comics! Here's the latest Wagnervana strip. I have to post it in two parts again, sorry... Your odds of liking it are much higher if you're familiar with the game Fallout 3...

And here's part 2:

If I charged myself my standard hourly rate for creating this comic, I'd owe myself a small fortune. I can't help it... the more I get into it, the more ideas I get, the more I want to add in there, etc. It kind of takes on a life of it's own.

Hopefully, it's amusing enough in places to where you could still enjoy it if you haven't played a ton of Fallout 3, like I have. I know it's odd having Rollo in there without Zack, but the panels were crowded enough as it is without adding more characters... and I liked the Rollo-Three Dog connection. Plus, I got to showcase Rollo's hot dog bun-shaped carrier, which I find amusing.

Let's just pretend I was dog-sitting.

We bought Eldest Daughter her 30 gallon fish tank today, along with all the stuff that goes in it. They're setting it up as I write this. We need to wait a day or two before putting fish in it, for some reason. Once it's set up, I'll post a picture or two of it, in case you are remotely interested in such thing. We had fun shopping for the stuff today.

I tried to convince her to get a catfish, but she wasn't keen on the idea...

Todayve In History: April 26
- April 26, 1514: Copernicus makes his first observations of Saturn. (The exact quote: "It's a nice car, but a bit pricey.")

- April 26, 1564: William Shakespeare was baptized. (By sprinkling, of course. That's where he got the idea for his play "Julius Sneezer"...)

- April 26, 1865: President Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, is cornered and killed in Virginia. (He tried telling them that the assassination was just a Method Acting exercise that got out of hand, but they didn't buy it.)

- April 26, 1933: The Gestapo is established. (I never liked cold soup...)

- April 26, 1990: My eldest daughter was born. (That event sure set the course of my life, make no mistake.)

I'm going to sign off now, but it is early. If I come across more stuff to add, I'll edit it in here. The odds are good that I'll do just that - I'm posting uncharacteristically early tonight.

Until then, I ask you: if a cow laughed, would milk come out of it's nose?


John said...

Sup D. I like the catfish but I don't understand what a fallout is, I like rollo though. Hope the weekend is going well. peace out.

Vye said...

"What is goin on down there? Revolution? Vacation? Somebody fart? Your guess is as good as mine kid." -Three Dog

As usual, well done. Was the youtube portion of the comic supposed to be a reference to Howard from TBBT?

I find it hard to believe you only had one pack of Teriyaki Beef Jerky. 10x or 15x more accurate? :-P

Your V.A.T.S. face was particularly amusing.

That is all... See ya bright and early tomorrow.

Bob the Unique said...

Nice comic, dave! (as always)

I really enjoyed the stats part, but as i've never played fallout i don't know what a V.A.T.S. mode is :(

David Wagner said...

Vye: I keep eating the jerky! I can't keep any in my inventory very long! I thought the YouTube/Howard reference was too obscure... glad you picked up on it.

Bob: VATS mode is a feature of the game that simulated turn-based gaming. You hit the VATS key, it freezes the action, and lets you target a specific portion of the body for attack. When you specify the attack, then initiate it, the action shifts to a very cool, cinematic panning shot of your attack, often with awesome gib-spraying effect. It never gets old.

Glad you liked the strip as well! It was a labor of love, that's for sure.

Warmonger Smurf said...

Brown Fury. HA

Joseph said...

I must say this is your most solid comic yet. For a minute there I thought I was reading some gaming webcomic.

You're a professional now, Dave!

Abbie said...

nice dave nice :) I had to have vye explain a few things to me, but it was very cool!! I LOVE your coke machine!! So jealous!! whats the nuka for though?? And I didn't get your reference to Howard, but it was funny without knowing there was history behind that line :D
And, yes, chris's b-day was a wonderful event; she's awesome :)