Sunday, February 22, 2009

There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Cheese...

Sunday crawls toward it's conclusion, yet I race to the keyboard, so that I may shamelessly entertain you with random nonsense! Yay!

Ahh! The coffee is working! I can feel it! BZZZZZZ!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Double-duty church day today, which is pretty standard for Sunday. I decided to take a quick video clip of the "upper room" at church, where I do my thang video taping the services. This will be the first of three (count them, three!) video clips I post tonight.

That's Laythe and Yanni in the upper room there - my crew. My homies. They own.

Anyway, that's where I spend the bulk of my Sundays, in front of those screens. Meh, it's a living. A good amount of horsing around is mixed in, to keep things fresh. At the end of the clip, I pan out the window and overlook the sanctuary. That's during worship (in case you couldn't figure that out!).

Terrific weather today. Clear and crisp. We won't get more rain until Wednesday, methinks.

Didn't read anything last night, so I have no update along those lines. Decided to go to bed early instead. Which for me was 2 am, lol. Yeah, getting up this morning at 8 was pretty hard. Aw, poor me...

Here is the next video clip. A few weeks back, I mentioned a skate video I edited back in 2006, using footage we filmed on VHS back in the late eighties to early nineties. Well, since I now have a Viddler account, I uploaded the clip - it's long (15 minutes) and be warned... there are two "moons" in it... so if you have an aversion to seeing teenaged buttcheeks, watch through your fingers so you can block it out!

My friend Jason is in the first segment, I'm the next one, and Jason's brother Andy is the last segment.

Jason is a golf pro now in Florida (or South Carolina or Georgia... sorry, Jay, I don't remember at the moment). Not sure what Andy is up to, but I think he's still here in SoCal.

The third video is, of course, today's episode of These Are A Few Of My Favorite Scenes. I edited together a new intro, but it's still weak like the original one, sorry. I'm not a very good singer, my apologies. That's why I added the beefer at the end of the intro... to let you know I'm not taking myself seriously.

Anyway, the clip is from Jurassic Park tonight.

Spielberg presented the Best Director Oscar tonight, to the SlumDog Millionaire director. That movie pretty much cleaned house tonight. I'll have to watch it, eh! Glad to see Kate Winslett win her Oscar tonight, after 8 nominations. Loved her acceptance speech. Of course, it rocked that Heath won as well. I don't care what anyone says, I thought his performance as Joker was brilliant, and definitely oscar-worthy. Not a sympathy nod at all, in my book.

Until tomorrow, steeeeerike three! Yerrrrr out!

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havah said...

Cool clips into your world. I wish my screen would stop messing up so much though. I'm afraid it might be dying. :(