Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dave the Whales!

Sunday? Pfft! Today should have been called Rainday! Again, I don't mind - I like the rain. Brings out the moodiness in me...

Finished Before They Are Hanged last night... and, of course, started First Law; Book Three today (140pages in, at the moment). It's called Last Argument of Kings. That's a lot of readin', eh? For me, anyway... just about every free moment. Good stuff, indeed... I hate to keep harping on the language, but it is one of the only negatives... and probably enough to prevent me from fully recommending to everyone. If you can stomach the copious amounts of profanity, and the occasional rather explicit "adult" scene, then I think you'll be able to enjoy the great story.

Of course, it's understood that it's also heavy on the violence. In fact, the argument could be made, I'm sure, that the language is actually fitting - I mean, hard men, hard times, hard language, etc. Don't expect any romance whatsoever (much less anything along the lines of The Name of the Wind). The only two relationships on display (Jezal and Ardee, Logen & Ferro) are disfunctional, to say the least...

Bah, what can you do, eh? You gotta take the good with the bad, eh? In this case, there's far more good than bad, but still, the bad warrants a mention. Proceed with caution.

That having been said, there's not much else to relay. As I said, I've basically spent every free minute the last couple days reading, and I plan to read Book Three to it's conclusion in the next day or two. It's supposed to have a great ending. I'll let you know.

I'm going to pass on making a Favorite Scene clip again today. Fear not! I shall return to form soon enough.

All things considered, all is well. Though I get the distinct vibe from wifey that something is wrong. She's in her "stew" stage... that means I can only bide my time and wait for her to throw it on the table for discussion (lol).

Until tomorrow, Pasta La Vista.

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