Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For Pity's Sake, Someone Please Take These Chocolate-Covered Banana Chips Away From Me...

Strange, strange day today. Not feeling well today at all. Two naps. That could be a personal record...

Anatomy Of A Headache: I don't get them too frequently - perhaps once or twice a week - but today's fit the pattern. It comes on suddenly, and starts at the top of my neck, around back where the head meets the neck. It powers its way up to the top of my head. From there, one arm of pain snakes down the right side of my forehead and grabs my right eye in a vice grip. I must stop whatever I'm doing, pop an ibuprofen, and lay/sit somewhere with my eyes closed.

Funny part: start to finish, maybe a half hour. Then it's gone, like it never happened.

Today's took significantly longer to dissipate.

Well, I thought you always wanted to know what went on inside my head! Now you know!

In the interim, I did get some work done. Talked with Josh about the rug web site. Perked up when I saw comments on my recent blog posts (thanks mom and havah!). Watched the latest episode of LOST (lame) and the pilot episode of Firefly (great). Also Colbert and Stewart from last night. Of course, two naps. And chocolate-covered banana chips and an entire bag of beef jerky.

No games! No music! ("Yet" in both cases... there's still several hours in the day left for me...) I read more of The Darkness That Comes Before last night, and it has smoothed out and picked up a little steam. No more "wailing multitudes" or "flexing the cold of scrutiny" or such utter crap. But it still does have more names of people and places per sentence than one could ever keep straight in one's head. He must think it makes him feel like a complex writer, with depth and texture or some such. In fact, it is annoying, and very off-putting. I picture the author in a beret and tinted glasses, surrounded by yes-men (on the payroll, of course) complementing him incessantly.

"Let's see... in this scene, it's really windy outside. How to describe it. What do you guys think about 'mighty flapping blankets'?"


He nods his head, takes a sip of his coffee and smiles...

He's still on literary probation. But it looks like he's settling down a bit, which is a good sign.

I'm not feeling up to editing another clip tonight, sorry. Hope you'll allow me to slack on this for a day.

Not much left to say for today, I suppose.

Until tomorrow, remember, it's your life - I'm just passing through.


Joseph said...

I will be putting together a small collection of books to be read while on the sandy beaches of Kauai, sadly it does not look like The Darkness That Comes Before will make the cut. I appreciate the mini-reviews you give of your books. Makes my job easier.

P.S. Phone call Dave, it's your son rip, he's on line toot.

David Wagner said...

Tell Rip to leave a message. They always make me laugh...