Friday, February 6, 2009

Aw, Man! I Dropped My Glockenspiel!

Thank God It's Fried Egg!

Yes, in honor of Friday, I had fried eggs this morning. I bet you feel enriched by learning that! That's the kind of info you read my blog to get! The kind of info you won't get anywhere else in the world! O, the privilege!

Yep. Two fried eggs. And toast. Yep...

Stayed up till all hours last night, reading Before They Are Hanged. Great stuff. I think I love the band of Named Men the best. Bayaz is pretty friggin cool, but the Named Men rock. I'm hoping they get reunited with Logen at some point (he's their former leader - they think he's dead). Maybe they can all fight together one last time, and stick it to Bethod.

Don't you just love it when someone goes on and on about stuff that you don't have a clue about? Names and places... you're all "Huh?" Well, get the books, dangit! Then we can chat!

Funny, I got Crown Stealer back from Vye, and have spent many hours loading just about every game I have on there, and updating them all with the latest patches, etc. (why not? I mean, I have 1 TB of space...) But I really haven't played much on it. A few minutes of Mass Effect here, a few minutes of Fallout 3 there... then I quit and read. I guess it's a phase. I look at my Games folder, with a couple dozen awesome games one double-click away, and I sigh and shrug my shoulders and decide not to play anything.

Reminds me of having a remote control, sitting on the couch, sifting through a couple hundred channels, and complaining that "there's nothing on!"

I was pondering Easter today - since I need to get cracking on a script for the Easter performance coming up - and I came to the conclusion that I would have stopped the crucifixion if I could have. Let me explain...

If I was alive back then, and Jesus meant anything at all to me, then I don't think I would have had the strength or resolve (or whatever you want to call it) to just sit back and watch Him go through that farce of a trial, get scourged, get crucified... if He meant anything at all to me, I would have died trying to stop it.

Yeah, yeah, looking back on it now, with 2,000 years of space between us, it's easy to say "Oh, yeah, I would have known about the whole 'sacrifice for the sins of mankind' thing, and would have known He'd rise again blah blah blah," but the practical side of me can't help but try and put myself in the real-life shoes of one of the disciples. Would I have stood back and watched it go down, staying silent and distant? Or would I have whipped out a sword and done whatever I could to prevent it?

Even if I could go back in time, knowing what I know now about what was accomplished, I still think I'd try to stop it. Again, I don't think I would have had the strength to stand down and watch.

Well, take that as you will. It just means I have some more maturing to do.

Tonight's Favorite Scene is from the 1950 Best Picture Winner All About Eve.

One of the best screenplays ever. And not a sword or gun anywhere...

I'm going to test something; I hope you don't mind. I saw today that Hulu will let you embed things into you blog, much like YouTube. So I'm going to test-post a clip from the Ask A Spy vignettes in the Burn Notice section...

If that worked, you'll now be able to watch Mike explain how to escape if you're locked in the trunk of a car.

Until tomorrow, where'd I put that remote control...?


Joseph said...

I liked the Named Men also. Let me know when you get to page 346. There are certain moments in the books where I'm like "NICE!" That was the last "NICE!" moment.

havah said...

Great clip. I need to rent that. Or dig it up at the library anyway :D

Also, interesting observation about the crucifixion. Makes you wonder, no? But then there was that ear thing in the garden, so....