Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Thunk, Therefore I Wuz

Aw, man! The weekend is half over already!

Short update tonight, sorry.

Had a RedBull breakfast - HOOAH! Breakfast of champions! Or of computer nerds. One of the two.

Went into the shop for a business meetin' today. Got some things in line - I hope they work. Lisa provided some marketing ideas as well; we'll see what happens.

Had an early suppuh of chili up at Dad's house. Ain't that fascinatin? Hey, mom... everyone sends their love.

Ain't got no Favorite Scene for you tonight... but that's because I have another episode of The Most Ridiculous Scenes Ever. This time, it's the infamous Freeway Gap Bus Jump scene from the movie Speed, with our man Keanu.

Without question, one of the most idiotic moments in cinematic history. Don't ask me why, but I watched the "making of" segment about the filming of that scene, and you should see how proud the film-makers are of that scene. Patting each other on the back when they should get a kick to the pills instead, for inflicting such nonsense on an unsuspecting public. They should get together with the Transporter 2 guys and take a looong break from film-making.

Watching Appaloosa at the moment. Ed Harris, Viggo and whatsername... the Bridget Jones chick... Zellwieger. Half-hour in, and I sure hope it gets better. It has that faint lingering odor of cinematic offal. We'll see if it ripens or not...

Maybe I'm just too picky...

EDIT: I almost forgot! Darn it, Paul Harvey died today. Paul Harvey rocked. RIP.

Until tomorrow, don't go changin'... to try an please me..

Current Book: The Darkness That Comes Before, by R. Scott Bakker
Current Movie: Appaloosa
Current Game: Half-Life 2, Oblivion


Anonymous said...

a kick to the pills?

David Wagner said...

Would you rather I say "a kick to the coin purse"? :D