Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dessert: Good Things Come To Those Who Ate

Greetings, fellow web dwellers!

A good day ends (technically) in about 42 minutes for me... yup, I'm updating late tonight. Cuttin' it close! Doesn't count unless I beat the daily midnight deadline!

I've watched a boatload of stuff in the past 24 hours! At least it feels like it... I watched an Alfred Hitchcock movie late last night, called Strangers On A Train. Pretty good flick - the climax was a fist fight on an out-of-control carousel, lol. Never seen that before (or since). Good acting and dialog, though I doubt you've ever heard of any of the actors. Take a look and see, eh!

Watched a movie called Heckler tonight, which was a documentary on the relationship between stand-up comedians and the people that heckle them, and also the relationship between artists in general, and the critics (both professional and internet based) that criticize them. It was interesting and entertaining enough, but the moral of the story ended up being "comedians and entertainers are people too, so don't be mean." Pretty weak conclusion, but interesting nonetheless. I wrote a review of it for Netflix, only because I appreciate irony...

I watched the latest episode of LOST on TV with the family. If it gets any more convoluted, I might pass out in a puddle of my own drool.

The rest of the nonsense I watched is not worth mentioning.

I might as well segue into tonight's Favorite Scene, which is another clip from Duck Soup! Yay! Yes, I know this is my third Duck Soup clip. If you're tired of them (impossible) then start your own blog and post your own favorite scenes!

Video quality is a bit grainy, sorry. That's what happens when I import an existing clip instead of ripping it fresh. Not sure why it matters, but for some reason it does. Anyway, funny stuff.

I ate way too much dinner, so chances are, I'll be up really late tonight, reading and nursing a big glass of water. Ahh, acid reflux, my old friend. That'll teach me to be gluttonous, eh?

Speaking of reading, I stumbled upon a list called "Great Books of the Western World" and I see what I'll be doing for the next decade... it would take at least that long to read them all. I wonder if it really would be worth it. Not sure I want to tackle an experiment of such a massive scale. I may crack a few open. If so, I'll let you know, eh!

I was thinking about voting rights today (weren't you? lol), and then Michael Savage brought up a new wrinkle. I used to be of the opinion that the voting age should be raised to, say, 25, because 18-22 year-olds were basically idiots when it came to politics, and thus easily swayed by emotional, fact-less arguments and turned into liberals. A few years of life kicking them in the head would make level-headed conservatives out of them, I thought. Then they can vote. Of course, that argument was shattered by someone kindly pointing out to me that we allow 18 year olds to join the military and put their lives on the line, so they should be able to vote too.

So I relented. Can't argue with logic like that.

Today, Savage suggested that people on welfare shouldn't be allowed to vote, since they'll just vote for whoever and whatever will keep giving them handouts. If you are working, and contributing to society, then you get the vote. I hate to admit it, but it did make some sense. Yet I thought of a hypothetical, where a single mom worked full-time to get paid just enough to keep her kids in daycare... what would be the point of that? Is a vote worth that endless circle? So, I don't know.

Well, I guess I'll fire some files off to Piranha, and maybe play some Oblivion before settling in for a long read.

Until tomorrow, remember, Joshua judges Ruth.

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havah said...

So then let 18 year olds who join the military vote at 18. The rest can wait. :)