Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Origin of Feces

Happy Darwin Day! Yay! The day we celebrate the man that pushed the idea that we all came from absolutely nothing!

In fact, it's the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth.

I tell ya, I know we (as a species *smirk*) love to divide into groups. I guess polarization is the easiest (read: laziest) route to sanity. Democrat/Republican, Saved/Unsaved, Yankees fan/Red Sox fan, etc. Things are much easier to handle when they are painted in crisp, clean "black and white". I think that's what the lion said to the zebra right before lunch, ba dum dum...

Why try to figure out the other side when you can kill it instead!

To me, the idea of a Creator is much more logical - and requires less faith - than to believe all this came from nothing. Especially when you look at how amazingly complex the human body is. Are you telling me that something as unfathomably complex as the average human body "evolved" out of thin air? Hmm...

It seems obvious that within certain species, evolution has taken place. But I find that believing every single creature, from the single-celled to the most absurdly complex, can all be traced back to the primordial ooze a zillion years ago - or even further, from nothing at all - to be beyond my mental abilities. I'll stick with the "Creator Crutch" if that's ok with you - and I won't think any less of you if you choose otherwise. I won't shove my religion down your throat, and you won't call me a backward idiot for choosing the option that contains a shred of hope beyond the grave.

I know, I know... "Oh yeah? Well where did God come from? Who made Him?" I have no clue. I choose to start with the idea that He exists (regardless of where He came from) and go from there. Look out... I'm going to quote a verse from the Bible! Hide your eyes, Clarabelle!

Hebrews 11:6: And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those that earnestly seek him.

That's my MO. After the play (a.k.a. this life) is over, I'll go backstage and ask Him where He came from, and I'll get back to you.

I know the "go-to" argument for the "Christian" side (is that the black side or the white side? I can't tell sometimes...) is that people say God doesn't exist (and believe in evolution instead) because they don't like the idea of being held accountable to someone for the way they live their lives. To them (it is said) it is more comfortable to think that oblivion awaits us after death, rather than a reckoning of some kind, because that means they can live however they want without repurcussions. I don't know if that's the case or not - I'm not inside the brains of people, either side. I'm just me. And for me, it seems laughable to believe that everything spontaneously appeared from nothing, and then randomly chose a course of self-improvement, evolving into what we see today.

Looking at the news, its seems pretty clear to me that we're not there yet, lol.

Here's a section from Wikipedia on Darwin Day:

"In 1997, Professor Massimo Pigliucci initiated an annual Darwin Day event with students and colleagues at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. The event included several public lectures and activities as well as a teachers' workshop meant to help elementary and secondary school teachers better understand evolution and how to communicate it to their students, as well as how to deal with the pressures often placed on them by the creationism movement."

In the evolutionists' defense, it's certainly true that Christians can often be smug, sanctimonious, thick-headed pricks, but that's another story...

In honor of Darwin Day, here's a present! One of my Favorite Scenes, from Hamlet...

Ben Stein's documentary Expelled covers the Creationist vs Evolutionist debate pretty well, I think. It's worth a watch, if you want to rent it or watch it streamed from Netflix. It makes some good arguments, even if it is a pretty one-sided film. In fact, the critics hated it, pretty much. I didn't think it was that bad... and I also liked What the Bleep Do We Know?, so I think I'm pretty open-minded, lol.

It's also Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. Yes, Lincoln and Darwin were born on the same exact day, Feb 12, 1809. Wild, eh?

In honor of Lincoln's birthday, I'm giving away all the pennies in my car ash tray to the 11th caller. Call now! The phones are open!

I started reading some short stories from a Stephen King collection I got for Christmas. He does psuedo-horror pretty well. I used to read him a lot, when I was in high school. I read IT twice - which is quite an undertaking for a teenager, I'd say. My favorite book of his was The Running Man, which was made into one of the most ridiculous movies of all time back in 1987. It literally had nothing whatsoever to do with the story in the book. They took the name of the main character, and the very basic concept of a life-or-death game show and that was it. The book is great, the film a turd. Such is life.

Oh, well, I guess that's it for today. Tune in tomorrow for more vapid ramblings!

Until tomorrow, "Beggar that I am, I am even poor in thanks."

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havah said...

My question is what happened to the primordial sludge? How come it's not lurking out there somewhere still spawning unevolved things? Did the sludge itself evolve? Now there's a concept...

Ahh...Hamlet again. Shakespeare really had a gift.