Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is It Written in the Stars that We Are Destined to Fraternize?

Hello, I'm Dave, and I'll be your blog waiter for the evening. Have you been here before? You have? Good, good... well, our specials tonight include grilled daily recap seasoned carefully with mild humor, movie quotes and orange zest. We also have our fresh funny video of the day, cooked to order. And our special desert is a heart-healthy scatalogical joke. Can I start you out with something to drink?

Umm... perhaps you should stick to something non-alcoholic. How about the iced tea?


Greetings, one and all! Dave here... what, were you expecting Ralph Nader or something? Today... is my last day of Empty House Syndrome. The fam returns on Friday, and the general state of uproar will return with it. I tell you, it's pretty eerie around here. The TV hasn't been on once. There's only one light on in the house at a time, depending on the room I'm in. Every time I go into the kitchen, the cupboard doors are all closed. There's no rubbish on the floors. The melodious sounds of America's Next Top Model aren't wafting about... it's quiet... too quiet.

As a result, there has been an inordinate amount of Scrabble going on around here. I watched two (count them! Two!) different Scrabble-related documentaries, have played a few dozen games on my computer, and I have a Facebook game of Scrabble going with a Blog regular who shall remain anonymous to protect the innocent. And I've been eyeing my copy of Word Freaks sitting on my bookshelf, wanting to give it a re-reading... but I've stopped short of going that far... I mean, I have Best Served Cold in my grubby little hands, and I'm resisting the near-overwhelming urge to tear through it non-stop, in a fiction feeding frenzy. I'm trying to ration it, and discipline myself, so I can focus on getting other "obligations" done as well... got to finish up the September newsletter for Piranha in the immediate future (as in "tonight") so I can get some $$$$$ in my clammy white hands!

Had dinner with my sweet mommy tonight after work. We talked business for some of it, so that she could write it off as a business expense. Mmmm! Sea food! Anyway, she told me she was recently shipped a bunch of her dad's stuff, from his time in the war - as in World War 2. Yep, that same World War 2 that I find so fascinating. Anyway, I can't wait to go up and look through it all. He was in the Pacific theater during the war, and I'm anxious to find out more details about what he did, exactly. I know he was on the ship USS George Clymer, which was involved between December 1942 and April 1945 in transporting troops to the battles of Bouganville, the Marianas, Leyte and Okinawa, among other scooting about. I'm dyin' to know more... apparently, he has a case of medals.

I'll take some pics and scan some docs and post them here, as well as make a special page on my Wagnervana site for a more detailed accounting. That's my grandfather on my mother's side. My grandfather on my father's side served in WW2 in the Philippines, that I know of. I'll see if I can talk my dad into letting me see some of his things from the war as well, and I'll relay that here (and at Wagnervana too)... My dad was in the Navy for many years during Vietnam as well... Makes me wish I had joined the service. Being a hero runs in my family!

Speaking of Vietnam... this ought to make Dave-O perk up. I received from Netflix today Apocalypse Now Redux. Was going to watch it tonight, but it rings in at a whopping 3 hours and 22 minutes! Dang! Even if I started it right now, that would put it over at 1:30 am! And then I'd start reading Best Served Cold, and who knows how late I'd be up! Maybe I could watch just part of it... think I could be that disciplined? Meh, me neither. I better save it for another day... it's been so long since I've seen it, I hardly remember it at all... but if Dave-O likes it, it must be good! He's a professional, right?

Better break up the monotony with a funny picture... hold on...

That's a sign at a church, actually... at least, according to the caption at the site I ruthlessly ripped the picture off from. That's me! Helping myself to other people's junk at will! I figure, if it's on the internet, it must be free and free to use, right? It's like the old west, really, and my mouse is my six-shooter. Right-click to cock the hammer, left-click to fire!

OK, here's a video clip of people doing odd things at world record speeds...

I've played minesweeper a jillion times, of course. That was insanely fast. I see something like that - like any of those clips, really - and I only see hundreds of hours of practice. Well, except maybe the dude that undressed himself, other than that... I wonder if there's anything I would ever be "world's fastest" at? Probably not...

Hmm? Well, actually, yes, I did switch browsers on my main system... I'm using Google Chrome on both rigs now. How odd that you would notice that! You'd think that from your side of the blog, you couldn't see my system like that. Unless you've hacked my webcam and you're spying on me right now. Dang. I guess I should put some pants on then... but this "Hello Kitty" kimono is so comfortable! Ooh, silky silky... now about the rainbow afro wig... I don't know how to explain it... oh, come on! You can't tell me you don't occasionally get the urge to run around the house in a rainbow afro wig! I mean, you know what it's like, right? I don't have to explain it, right? Right?

And now, a White Ninja comic...


I think I'm done for the night. Sorry, the daily trivia today was not worth mentioning. Unless you are a fan of Oleg Popov, but something tells me you don't even know who he is! You uncultured turd! So farewell, dear friends. I trust you enjoyed your meal. Here's a doggy bag for the leftovers. A 15% gratuity has been added to your bill. Until tomorrow, remember, there can't be two idiots with pajamas like these...


havah said...

Ahhh...the quiet house. Funny how when we get what we sometimes long for, we don't want it anymore. :D

I can't wait to see your grandfather's things from WWII. That sort of thing fascinates me. I'm not a history buff, and I'm terrible with dates, but I love going through old documents and photographs and memorabilia. Give me a good museum any day. Have you ever been to a Holocaust Museum? I went to one in Houston...fascinating in a sort of devastating way.

Loved the fastest everything clip. The guy reloading his gun just blew me away. No pun intended. Wow!

Oh, and I know who Oleg Popov is! (Thank you, Google.) :D

No searching for movie clips today...372 was my room number at university, so I'm keeping my score as is. :)

Abbie said...

dave, anna, my mom, and I laughed so hard at that sign about the unattended children!! perfect... I need to make me one of those :D
and I didn't know you could play scrabble on facebook!! awesome!! I want to play!! :D

Title is from the Mask
:) Yay, five more points, lol

logankstewart said...

I sometimes really like empty houses, and the feelings they give off.

The puppy and espresso sign is brilliant and funny.

I've been using Chrome as my browser for a few weeks, but there's things I don't like about it, but still I persist. (It's really hard to get used to anything other than Firefox.) I will be interested when the Chrome OS comes out soon.

Krista said...

Great Video clips, and that sign is way too funny!

How exciting that would be to go through some old WW2 stuff that belongs to your grandfather, too cool! I'm sure you'll have a blast, I know I would! Can't wait to see what you found...

havah said...

Hmm...guess I'll pick up some of the quotes then.

"there can't be two idiots with pajamas like these" is from The Mask

Paula Titus said...

I'd kill for an empty house about now.

Btw, at first glance, I thought the name of that movie was Apocalypse Now Reflux. haha