Saturday, May 2, 2009

Remember When Chewbacca Won "Wookie of the Year"?

Greetings to y'all. A beautiful San Diego Saturday comes to a close, by all accounts a great day on many fronts.

Wifey's 40th birthday party was a success. Lots of people came, good food was eaten, socializing was done, gifts were given, pictures were taken, "happy birthday" was sung with vigor. A good time had by all (that I could see). My gift idea was approved of by all - score one for Dave, eh? Who would have thought, eh? I'm usually such a clueless gump when it comes to stuff like that...

Got some interesting work-related news today, which I'd love to share in detail, but I'm not sure it would make sense at this point. But it could be huge. In general, it involves a large, national cleaning & restoration firm wishing to enter into discussions with a certain local rug cleaning shop (with which I am intimately involved) for the purpose of perhaps purchasing said rug cleaning business. My mouth dropped open when I heard the news - we'll see how far and how fast things develop this month.

The other killer news regards a rug I mentioned waaay back in my very first post of the year. A rug that we obtained that turned out to be a rather rare and remarkable rug (man, a lot of alliteration today!) and that has made an interesting journey to an overseas auction house for an auction scheduled for later this month. The online catalog for the auction is up, and it's exciting to see the rug featured, and the great write-up they gave it. Here's a link if you'd like to take a peek at it. 4th rug from the top, lot 184.

So two big bits of news today, along with a great party! What more can one ask for, eh?

There's a cool piece of Assassin's Creed fan art that Vye recently linked me to. I have yet to play the game, but it is on my list of games to buy at some point. It's supposed to be good. Of course, unless I get it as a gift at some point this year, it will have to wait to the end of the year for me to buy it. Along with making a commitment to write in this blog every day for 2009, I also committed to not buying another game this year either. My motivation was not to punish myself (in either case!) but rather to try and get myself to play some of the games I already have bought, that I have either not played at all yet, or played just once or twice. Why buy more when great games are already nearby?

I did notice that Target had Call of Duty 4 down at $39.99 yesterday... I almost broke down and bought it, but I resisted the urge. Perhaps by January 1 of 2010, that game with be down to 19.99 or something.

What can I say? I'm a nerd/geek. Like these guys:

These nerds have a series of clips on YouTube of all the roller coasters at Six Flags here in southern california. Looks like a great ride. I haven't been on a roller coaster for a decade or so. I used to go to Six Flags every year with my brother Bryan and our step-dad when I was growing up. Used to love the coasters, like every other sane person in the world. But the last time I went was about a decade ago, and I almost passed out on the Batman rollercoaster. And I mean, right after the first dip/loop too. It was embarrassing. As I danced on the edge of consciousness for the rest of the (brief) ride, I had visions of being wheeled away on a stretcher, wife and friends looking at each other, puzzled, wondering how I could wuss out on such a relatively tame ride.

Afterwards, I found a bench and sat there, symbolically portraying my shift from coaster rider to old person sitting on a bench while everyone else had fun. The transition happened so fast! How sad.

I'm going to go back through all my recent posts and assemble a scoreboard for the "Identify the Movie Quote" mini-game and see where everyone stands. I'm pretty sure Bob is still in the lead, but others are moving up. Joseph wins points for yesterday's Hamlet quote.

My To-Do List is still a rampaging beast as of right now. I need to dig in and get some stuff done. In fact, I better go start in again right now.

Until tomorrow, remember, artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.


Bob the Sane said...

i'm glad the party worked out, dave!

and yeah, better make that scoreboard so we know who googles the most :P

any quotes in today's post? :D

Dave-O said...

herrrro and salivations sir LOL, sorry haven't been around much but got a promotion (not of rank but of job title) and have been keepin busy trying to fix the mess i was givin HAHA they are leavin it to a turd to clean HAHAHAAHAHA, loved the comic and the post and wish the wifey a happy late b-day from me. keep'em comeing sir.

Abbie said...

hey dave, glad you mentioned the scoreboard! i actually was going to ask you if you kept score, and i guess you read my mind :P glad to hear about the good news concerning the rug shop and stuff like that :)

David Wagner said...

Bob: No direct quotes that I'm aware of. I thought it might be fun to hide quote in the posts, without letting y'all know, and make them worth more points if you discover and identify them...

DaveO: Congrats on the promotion! Now go blow something up!

Abbie: Look for the scoreboards soon. I'm kinda swamped at the moment, but it'll happen.