Monday, May 4, 2009

And This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef.

Well, well, well...

Sorry, the record skipped. I meant to use just one "well". As in, I went to the doctor today and all is well.


I have a touch of something called sciatica. That's causing the aching and discomfort in my legs. Basically, it was as I feared - I sit on my loud, ample butt in front of the computer(s) too much. I need to move around a lot more.

Sciatica. Sounds like a maximum security prison to me... actually, I could use a little solitary confinement lately. As long as I can bring my computer with me... I need to focus on firing out projects.

Other than that, business as usual today. Running around on errands, darting into the rug shop, drinking an energy drink (a Monster this time), crashing at about 6pm, taking a power nap, working like a fool.

I did take time to whip out another TV Spoof comic.

As you can see, the "change one letter" rule has already been tossed out the window. I was going to make Lost into "List" and have Santa crashed on an island, in a tattered santa suit, consulting his "naughty/nice list" to see who to trust on the island, but it would require drawing original material... if I'm going to do that, I might as well do a traditional Wagnervana strip. I was going to make it "Last" and have only one person left on the island, going "hey, where is everybody? Hello?" but that wasn't funny. And of course, I briefly contemplated putting a scantily-clad shot of Evangeline Lily, no text, and making the show called "Lust". But that would have offended half my readership... and calling it "Lest" while having the cast talking in King James English would have been too esoteric, methinks...

Ah, such are the trials and tribs of your average comic strip (f)artist! In spite of all that contemplation, it still took me less than an hour to complete this one. I'm getting lazy in my old age.

Here is a video you have to see to believe. It starts off slow... watch a bit to get the gist, then skip ahead to about the 1:40 mark.

Dueling Banjos Played With Hands Only

How does one discover that one has such a talent as that, I wonder? He was pretty on-pitch, for the most part as well. Crazy.

Getting ready for our trip to New Mexico. Hope I can get all I need to get done... uh... done before we have to leave. Otherwise, I'll have to take work with me. Wait! Then I can call it a business trip and write off all the expenses! It's brilliant! My expenses will be much less thanks to the combined efforts of my Dad (for loaning me his vehicle for the trip - don't have to rent one), my Sister (who arranged lodging for us on our two stop-over nights in Phoenix, there and back) and Mother In Law (for arranging lodging for us while we are out there). Other than gas and food, I don't foresee any other expenses.

Although last time out there, I bought my MacBook Pro... who knows? I may come back with a new iMac or something! Another business expense! I think I can find room for another iMac on my desk... hang on, let me reference yesterday's picture of my desk...

O_O Forget it!

I watched a documentary on YouTube today about the 2004 tsunami. Crazy stories. "This is So-and-So... he lost 16 members of his immediate family, including all of his kids, his wife, his parents, his brothers..." I'm like, DANG. Losing one family member is devastating. How many years of numbness lay ahead for a person that loses that many people? I guess it's similar to the Holocaust, I guess. I hate that people have to go through stuff like that. I would prevent it if I could.

Of course, that segues into the philosophical discussion about God, and why He lets stuff like that happen to people if He has the ability to prevent it. All I can do is shrug my shoulders and walk away silent. How do you answer that question? I have grappled with it for years, and I still have no satisfactory answer. I keep resting on the idea that there is an adequate answer that I have yet to learn, and that when I hear it, I'll go, "Oh. Well, that makes sense. Thanks." and that will be that. Until then, I have no response that comes close to taking the edge off of that level of pain.


I was in the car today coming back from the rug shop, and I had the 13 year old and the 3 year old with me. We were getting on the freeway at Miramesa Blvd, crawling up towards the metered light. Two cars ahead of us, a dude runs the red light and goes for it. The 13 year old says "Hey, that guy ran a red light". The 3 year old says, "He ran a red light? Ha ha! What a tool!"

I laughed for quite some time. I'm afraid that's one I taught her, indirectly. It's amazing what they pick up. You don't normally hear a three year old call someone a tool...

Here's a movie quote, worth 5 points if you Google it first, 25 points if you know it without needing Google:

"Whoa. You wanna throw up here or you wanna throw up in the car?"

"I think... Both."

Todayve In History: May 5th
- May 5, 1904: Cy Young throws baseball's first ever Perfect Game. (He pitched naked. The other team was too freaked out to hit the ball.)

- May 5, 1921: Coco Chanel introduces Chanel no. 5. (Chanel No. 2 smelled like crap.)

- May 5, 1936: Italian Troops occupy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (I don't have a joke here; I just like saying "Addis Ababa".)

Addis Ababa always reminds me of Ned Beatty in the first Superman movie. If you know what I'm refering to, you are an even bigger nerd than I am.

Until tomorrow, remember, a penny saved is one cent.


marky said...

Morning. That was a great post, David.
A three year old using the word tool, has just made me laugh hard. I'm thinking a TV show were all the contestants have to stand a torrent of abuse from children without laughing......It could work.

Anyway, Here's another May 5.

May 5 1973: A star is born somewhere in Glasgow.

The Bob Initiative said...

I'll take Groundhog Day for 5 points...

also, can i buy a vowel? :D

Oh, and btw.. season 5 of Lost is the best season ever!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Dave, you are seriously do you find those clips and why does God let that happen?...when we hit it big we'll put away a little $$$ for the wee one to get you.. Erma

Abbie said...

wow... that is randomly...strange..
hah. I'm sorry to hear you have problems with your sciatic nerve, that can become very very painful over time so do whatever your doctor says. Two of my former co-workers had it and some days they would be limping around cause of hte pain... sorry to sound so dour :( good comics :)

David Wagner said...

Happy Birthday, Marky.

5 points to Bob!

Should I worry that my mom thinks I'm "seriously disturbed"?

I'll be ok, Abbie, it's not that bad (yet).

Dave-O said...

eh, moms are suppose to think their sons are disturbed...RIGHT??? i hope so :P

BEST VIDEO EVER, i could have sworn that you put it there for mine and your amusement HAHAHAHA great but yes how does one find out they have a talent like this? hummmmmm ferrrrt WOW WHAT WAS THAT

Well sir, i took your advice and went and blew something up in celebration of my promotion...hope the Commanding Officer didn't need that vehicle...LOLjust kidding i only blew up some land mines that some local farmers uncovered when they were plowing their fields. YEAH i said it, they plow their fields for their crops and uncover land mines and Unexploded Ordinance, it's crazy but it keeps me busy LOL