Friday, May 1, 2009

A Little More Than Kin and Less Than Kind.

"Spanish" or "Spinach", which one?

Man, what a day. 

Started book 3 of the Chronicles of the Black Company last night. It's called The White Rose. Overall, the trilogy is a solid yarn that has me sufficiently hooked enough to move forward with it. Here's a review of the trilogy from Strange Horizons, if you'd like more info.

So I was up way later than I should have (no surprise there), and Maggie woke me up way earlier than I would have liked, so I'm kind of in zombie mode even now, as the day ends.

Ran some wifey's-birthday-related errands, in preparation for Saturday's party, and then took wife to see a movie she wanted to see called Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. I give it 5/10. Extremely unoriginal title, for starters. Overall, it was well-made, funny in places, predictable, cheap, banal, with spotty casting. Dang, McConaughey is a strikingly handsome dude. Obviously, I don't "lean that way", don't misunderstand, but man, does he have screen presence. I have no clue why Jennifer Garner was paired up with him in this film. She didn't look like she belonged in the movie at all, much less in the female lead role.

Some good supporting work from the rest of the cast. I'm surprised that the screenplay was written by two men. The moral of the film: Handsome, single men who sleep around are empty, soul-less jerks and the only cure is to admit you love your old childhood sweetheart, get married, settle down and live happily ever after. The structure is an homage to A Christmas Carol, with the requisite humor and dramatic monologues one would expect. 

Frankly, the movie angered me, though I'm not exactly comfortable explaining why in this forum. Perhaps if we were chatting one-on-one in Starbucks or something, I'd elaborate, but let me just say that this type of movie serves mostly to uncomfortably point out certain deficiencies in my own life. Nuff said.

The movie itself is not getting very well reviewed, but my wife really liked it, and I certainly didn't hate it. It has earned a spot on my ridiculously long list of "Movies I Don't Regret Watching But Will Likely Never Watch Again."

Wifey opened her present a few minutes ago, so I can spill it here now. I got her a relatively nice wallet and filled it with several $40 gift cards to her favorite stores, leaving some slots for the other cards I'm sure she will be getting at the party tomorrow. I don't expect her to use it as her main wallet - it's more of a glorified Gift Card Carrier than anything. 

By the way, I went to the doctor today, only to find that there was a scheduling mix-up, and I had been set for Thursday afternoon, not Friday afternoon. So I inadvertently missed it. I had to reschedule for Monday. More than mildly annoying...

Got zero feedback on my "quick and lazy" attempt at a comic yesterday - I had other ideas for more "1 Letter Variations," but since it seems to have went over like a lead balloon, I should probably forget it and stick to my more traditional strip(s).

Todayve In History: April 2
I've got two items today, both relating to Berlin, and both of immense importance. No quips allowed!

- April 2, 1945: The Fall of Berlin. The Soviets announce the capture of Berlin, hoisting their flag over the Reichstag. Here's the famous picture:

- April 2, 1989: The Cold War ends, as the Berlin Wall begins to be torn down and German unification commences.

Two huge events of the past century, I'd say. Last year on this day that Cyclone made landfall in Mynamar, you may recall, killing a staggering 130,000 people and leaving millions with nothing. I wonder how they've fared in the year since? Their gov't is so paranoid and repressive, I don't recall if they eventually let any forgien aid or relief in to help out. I do remember that initially, anyway, they didn't want any help at all.

People are odd. 

Especially the French. But that's another story...

I suppose I'll keep up with the French jokes, at least until I get a French regular reader... then I'll have to take potshots at someone else...

Well, I'm going to go save the world the only way I know how... some rounds of Battlefield 2!

Until tomorrow, please, keep in mind... there's no wrong answer.

PS Can you guess where the thread title comes from? 5 points to you if you can!


Joseph said...

Hamlet, right?

(Google was not used for this guess)

I liked the mini comic. It was amusing in a "heh" sort of way. Season 2 of Burn notice on DVD in June. Yay.

My wife wanted to see that movie but her parents saw it and weren't crazy about it. Thank the Lord. So that means I saw Wolverine tonight. Good flick. Always liked Liev Schreiber but he is one of my new favs now.

Good job w/ the wife, sounds like a good solid gift.

Bob the Villain said...

damn... too late again! :D

those parody comics were really funny, dave... i like parodies :D so keep it up!

happy birthday to your wife.. i really liked the present you gave her... perhaps i'll steal your idea when my GF has her birthday :D mwahahahahaha!!!!


Warmonger Smurf said...

Huh. Somehow I never took you for a fantasy reader, Dave. This "The Chronicles of the Black Company" piques my interest. I might have to check it out.

Abbie said...

sorry for not mentioning in commentville that i did like your mini comics :P don't forget... american born chinese by Gene Luen Yang. :D and CHUCK!!! lol

David Wagner said...

Smurf: You used "piqued" correctly! Do you know how rare that is? Even on the writer's forum I belong to, people always say things "peeked" their interest. Also, they'll say something is a "mute point" instead of a "moot point"... You are one of the learned few!

Abbie: Thanks for the recommendations. Help yourself to the gift idea, Bob. I hope to catch Wolverine at some point, Jope!

Bob & Joe: Thanks for the comments about the strip.