Sunday, March 15, 2009

You Never Call Me 'Fabrizio" Anymore... Why Not?

'Eyebrows' or 'I Browse', which one?

Sunday! Where hast thou gone?

A little King James English for ya there, just to keep things fresh...

Being Sunday, I spent a large percentage of time at a building with a pointy roof and a cross on top. I was all alone in the upper room tonight (*insert sad face here*) but a funny thing happened... I was able to pay attention to the sermon tonight! And it was a good one! Coincidence? Well, I guess I'll let the philosophers figure that one out...

I have a new comic for you tonight! Click it!

Yup, another new character - Zack the Knife! I decided to resurrect my old character "Rollo the Legless Weinerdog" as well, and let him be Zack's pet. Seems like a good fit. I already have Carl, so I decided not to hog all the pets myself. Hmm, a hog... hmmm... maybe not...

I'm almost done introducing the first round of characters... one more in the next strip, then I'll stick to those for the time being, so you can see how shmoove they all are...

I've kind of fizzled on the Favorite Movie Scenes thing, I hope you don't mind. Gonna do the comics for a while. Perhaps I'll revisit the movies after I tire of the comics, who knows? I'd also like to do animations, etc.

On This Dayve In History: March 15th

- March 15, 44 BC: Julius Caesar was assassinated in the portico of the Theater of Pompey. ( the Caesarian Section, nyuk nyuk nyuk. He also invented the Caesar Salad... Brutus loved them... that's why Caesar asked, "Ate two, Brutay?" nyuk nyuk nyuk)


- March 15, 1493: Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after discovering the New World. (His exact quote to the queen: "Dibs!")

The week ahead is lookin' pretty good. My usual mix of rug shop stuff, Piranha stuff and room left for any surprise projects by my other clients.

Alas, I have nothing further to add, your honor! The state rests.

Until tomorrow, I ask you, why do "fat chance" and "slim chance" both mean the same thing?


Bobinho said...

what? no slapping? :D

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Fabrizio...although a world where anyone can beat you at scrabble is a stretch...Zack looks like do you do that?..Carl looks like Carl too..but Rollo looks like all the other weiner more...Stella

Abbie said...

nice dave, very nice! That was very clever! But, you can definitely beat carl at boggle right? I mean, you are the king at boggle :P Zack looked very cool too.