Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hmm... The Seat of My Pants is Suddenly Warm... I Don't Get It...

...and so the baboons finally got the rhino out of the pillbox, using a combination of 30-weight motor oil, gunpowder and--

What? The beginning of the story got cut off? How much? ALL OF IT? What the heck! Forget it, I'm not starting over... next time you see me, ask me about the story of the 10 Pirate Baboons and the Diarrhetic Rhinoceros. Trust me, it's a keeper...

Rug Shop Day, part two today. Didn't make as much progress as I wish I would have. I have a complaint to scream - I'm going to scream it here since I don't know where else to vent it at...

Whoever decided to change iMovie 06 into iMovie 08 should be strung up by his/her toes and pelted with certain disgusting things which shall for the time being remain unnamed (this is a family-friendly blog, you know!). They turned it from a sweet, user-friendly piece of video editing software into a frustrating chocolate mess. I'd rather simultaneously suffer from pink eye, hammer-toes and irritable bowels than ever have to use iMovie 08 again.

I googled "iMovie 08 complaints" this afternoon and found a forum thread that said Apple received so many complaints about 08 that they were offering free copies of 06 to anyone that bought 08. That took the edge off my angst a bit, but I couldn't find out how or where to get my copy of 06 at. I stopped by the Apple store and asked a "helper," who told me that the "free 06" page was taken down when iMovie 09 came out, and that I was out of luck.

I explained to him the very basic things that 06 was so good at that were removed in 08, and he told me that these things were easy in 09. He then took me to a display iMac and loaded up 09 to show me. (Hang in there, the story improves). Long story short, he spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to extract audio from a video clip and add it to the non-existant timeline, which he swore to me was re-implemented in 09. It was hilarious.

Uh, actually, I guess "hilarious" is over-stating it, sorry. You kinda had to be there, I guess.

He finished by telling me I should buy Final Cut Pro ($1,300!!!) if I wanted to do fancy stuff. lol, "fancy stuff". Extracting audio, cutting it up and dragging it exactly where I want to is fancy? 06 handled all that "fancy stuff" just fine.

Hmm... I guess that story was far more interesting in my head... maybe I didn't tell it right. I guess I should have added a diarrhetic rhino or something...

The moral of the story: I despise iMovie 08 (and now 09 too), and the people responsible should be given thunderous wedgies and sent to bed without dinner. I'll try and track down a copy of 06 online somewhere.

End of rant.

Here's another comic panel from XKCD to take the edge off...

On This Dayve In History: March 12th

- March 12, 1945, Anne Frank died in Belsen Concentration camp. You may have read her diary. The world was insane back then. Thank God there were people willing to lay their lives on the line to do something about it.

- March 12, 1789: The US Post Office was established. Later that year, the first Elvis Commemorative Stamp was issued.


- March 12, 1912: The Girl Scouts were founded, in Savannah Georgia, by a lady named Juliette Gordon Law. That reminds me, where are those Thin Mints I ordered?

I'm working on a comic as we speak, but it won't be ready for tonight's post. Check back tomorrow, eh!

I read an interesting article today about the idea of having a one-world currency. My gut has been telling me since the financial meltdown began in earnest that when we rise again from it, we will be several large steps forward toward a more unified world. I know Bush was a BIG proponent of a North American Union, uniting Mexico, Canada and the US under one currency and banner, much like the European Union. They even have a currency worked out called the "Amero" - like the Euro, I guess. It was generally understood that the American people would never go for it - unless they had no choice. Say, a financial meltdown of such proportions that the only way to save our butts is to band together in ways we never thought possible.

Conspiracy nut! Run!

Not really. There tons of info "out there" about the NAU and the Amero. Here's the wikipedia section, if you're interested at all...

Meh, it's all good. Whatever happens happens, right? Que Sera Sera, eh?

Was reading in Isaiah again last night. The more I stop and just ponder God, at least as He is presented in the Bible, the more deeply frightened of Him I become. Not frightened like I'm afraid He's gonna clobber me or something, more like frightened at just how unlimited He is in what He can do and how He has to answer to absolutely no one.

How on earth did He think up this physical world? From the sub-atomic all the way up to the unfathomable reaches of space? Does He literally hold every atom, every molecule, every cell of absolutely everything together every second of every day? Or did He create a system whereby they held themselves together - a self-perpetuating system that doesn't require His direct attention? How did he think up the human brain?

What about each person's soul? What is it? What is it made of? You can't dissect a cadaver and find the soul or the spirit - it isn't physical... so what is it? Where does it come from, and where does it go when we're done with it here? And how the heck did He think it up to begin with!? And then create it! Does He have a big vat of "spirit" in Heaven somewhere, and when each person is born, he scoops it out like ice cream and plops it in... in where?

What is He up to? How involved is He in absolutely everything that happens on earth? Or how distant/detached is He? He sure feels distant/detatched sometimes, at least in my life... Does He have realistic expectations for mankind, in general? WHAT'S HE UP TO!?

I have my thoeries, but then again, what do I know?

I try and make sense of it with this brain He gave me.

Bah, I'm rambling again, sorry. If I don't stop myself, I could go on all night.

Until tomorrow, remember, if you think no one cares that you're alive, try missing a few car payments...


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave....loooved the were right..thats just where I like to go...I need to watch it again if thats ok...John says our player is primitive and a good one would be so much better but can't imagine that...loved it..thanks..Carla Slap

Bobinho said...

I suggest using "GOM Player"

anyway, loved the comic again, dave... and your philosophical questions too... it really makes you stop and think although we could debate a long time we still wouldn't come to any solid conclusions... i guess it's just beyond our reasoning. damn, now you made me all philosophical too :D

when can i expect some "serious" TQ posting?


Anonymous said...

sweetie, God doesn't have a vat of spirit and soul... it's in His breath, remember?

i love this site. i'm gonna visit here every day.

and how are you? you haven't written me in awhile.

Abbie said...

lots of good questions dave... let me know when you see God in the Kingdom and He answers your questions; i'd like to know their answers too!