Friday, March 20, 2009

Dont Tell Anyone... The Spare Tire In My Trunk Is Actually A Large Wheel of Jarlsberg Cheese!

Friday! Yay! Wait... it's over? Aw man.... Well, tomorrow is Saturday, which is almost as good...

Today was a good day! In fact here's a poem:

Friday came and went again
It left me satisfied,
I finished formatting and then
I played some games inside,
I ate a yummy dinner of
some taters and some chicken,
Stopped by that place that I so love
Starbucks! My pulse quickened!
Continued on to church because
We had our Easter run-thru,
While hampered by the caffeine buzz
My brain was subject unto.
Returned to home again and wrote
These words that you're now reading
I'm sure if you could have a vote,
It'd be "Stop! My eyes are bleeding!"

OK, I'll quit while I'm behind... sorry, I'm in a mood...

Got some great feedback on my latest Wagnervana comic, which made me feel special! You like me! You really like me! (insert eye-roll here). I'm glad people are enjoying the strip. I have some cool ideas for the next strip(s)! Why, I'll get right on it!

Got some work done today! Yay! Up to my usual ridiculous hour last night, then woke to the doorbell ringing, and some well-intentioned Jehovah's Witnesses that wanted to chat about the Bible... until they saw me answer the door, 30 seconds from deep sleep, hair a mess, eyes barely open...

"Can I help you?"

"Um... uh... we'd like to... uh... talk to you about the Bible?"

"No thanks, I gave at the office..."

"Can we leave you these magazines?"


Yay! Free magazines! The last thing I was in a position to do was argue doctrine over tea with two little old ladies... I took their magazines and bid them good luck. Especially since they were going to my grumpy neighbor next...

I don't fault them for trying - the gospel in shoe-leather, that sort of thing... but I do fault them for interrupting a good dream!

Todayve In History: March 21
- This day in 1843, Preacher William Miller of Massachusettes predicted the world would end (UPDATE: He was wrong)

- March 21, 1963: Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay was closed. (It was too expensive to keep the bay stocked with sharks.)

- March 21, 1982: Pro Golfer Jerry Pate celebrates a tournament win by jumping into the lake. (Unfortunately, his golf bag dragged him to the bottom. RIP).

I had an interesting conversation with my wife tonight (you know... that woman I'm married to? You know...) We were talking about things that are facets of God's personality that are good in Him, but that are not good in us... like judging, and wanting to be worshipped. It seems understood that it is wrong for a person (or angel, or what-have-you) to say "Bow down and worship me!" It's repulsive, really, and you just know that the person saying it is off their rocker (or at least, off their medication). Yet it's acceptable for God to say it. Obviously, He's the Creator, etc., so it's ok for Him... I still can't quite get my brain around the idea of wanting vast multitudes to bow down and worship me - and it being ok.

I guess that's the problem with trying to understand God... for Him, it's fine to want the unquestioned, unhindered out-right worship and praise from all of His creation... He loves to have people trumpet how wonderful He is! It's acceptable, I suppose, because it's understood that He deserves it. We know it - but what's weird (to me) is that He knows it. Yet, for Him it isn't unbridled narcissism, or pride, etc. For Him, it's right. For anyone/anything else, it's wrong. I can't conceive of any scenario where any person would ever be right in wanting worship - it seems to be a prerogative reserved for God alone.

It seems to be a verrrrry touchy thing with Him, too. The warnings and threats are dire in the Book if you give your praise and worship to anyone/anything else. He's very jealous of that type of adoration. Some preachers maintain that we were created primarily to worship Him! I don't know if that's the case or not... probably is, I suppose. Still, the mindset puzzles me... "I think I'll create an innumerable amount of creatures whose primary purpose is to endlessly tell Me how wonderful I am!"

There must be more to it than that...

Anyway, such are the things that dance around in my brainpan. (This is your brain... this is your brain grasping at the wind. Any questions?)

Tomorrow morning, wifey will run 17 miles, in preparation for an up-coming marathon. I'll never understand women...

Guess I'm gonna hit the bricks. Until tomorrow, remember, the seminar on time travel will be held in two weeks ago.

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Anonymous said...

Popped in quickly while pretending to prepare my taxes. I only had time to read this one, but I did check out the comic below...very cool. *L*

As for your remarks about worship and God: I'd never even thought of that know, what's good for God isn't necessarily good for man. Interesting thoughts. As always.

I miss reading your blog. I miss writing mine.

Take care.