Monday, March 23, 2009

No. No Tomatoes. They're Too Vulnerable.

OK, stop me if you've heard this one before... see, this one time--

What? Stop already? How do you know if-- Wait, I just-- Really? Stop?


Monday, whoop-de-whoop! Woke up a bit later than I would have liked this morning, but then again, I was stayed up later than I should have the night before. I decided to shelve Hawkwood's Voyage for the time being - mostly for this reason: I'm about a hundred pages in, and a character appeared that I knew sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember why... had I read the book before? Surely, I would have known. So I back-tracked in the book, and there he was, in a previous chapter that I only vaguely remember reading a night or two earlier... I started re-reading it, knowing I should remember his story so far, but it was like reading it fresh again!

That was an indicator to me that I'm reading too late into the night, and my retention is at a bare minimum. The book is a good one (from the parts I do recall!) and I shall return to it fresh again soon, from the beginning, but for the time being, I'll start turning in earlier, and reading a different book - The Runaway Jury, that Abbie loaned me. Read the first 50 pages last night... hope I remember it when I go to read again tonight!

Gee, aren't my troubles difficult? Woe is me! Curse the day I was born! Pfff! I'm lame, I know...

Actually, I have far bigger issues I wrestle with, but I don't want to drag you down. You may end up looking like this guy:

Is that the saddest picture you've seen all year, or what? Sometimes I feel like that guy. To me, that shot positively drips with despair.

Anyway, again, I don't want to send you plummeting into the depths of despair by bombarding you with my big guns, so I pepper you with odd little problems instead - like storyline retention problems! I wonder if there's a medicine for that..?

Finally got the two Piranha transcripts off in the email today. Took care of some other odds and ends. And I'm having a dickens of a time getting a good audio recording of the narration I need to use for the Rug Shop Tour Video Clip that I've been laboring away upon. Tuesday will be dedicated to getting that done.

Speaking of editing, I put together another "Favorite Movie Scenes" episode for you tonight, complete with a new, hopefully less-annoying intro. Tonight's scene(s) come(s) from the movie Elf, with Will Ferrell.

Good stuff, methinks. Except I said the dad worked at an advertising firm, instead of a book publisher, but who cares, right? :O BUURP!

Eldest Daughter is still under the weather. We'll see how she feels in the morning - she's supposed to work at 8am.

Found some time today/tonight to slip in a little Fallout 3 and WoW, just for giggles. Did some sketches for the next Wagnervana comix also. Got some errands taken care of around town as well. So all in all, a good day!

Citibank stock is now $3.11 per share! GRRR! If only I knew how to go about buying stock! I knew I'd be missing my window! $3/share might still be a great bargain...

Tax Day approaches. Easter approaches. The family trip to Albuquerque approaches. My wife's 40th birthday approaches.


On the other hand, the rug auction approaches. Summer approaches. The next LAN party approaches. Abercrombie's new book approaches.

So it sort of balances out... sort of.

Todayve In History: March 24

- March 24, 1898: The first automobile was sold. (Finally, pizza could be delivered in 30 minutes or less!)

- March 24, 1930: The planet Pluto was named. (Man, Disney had pull back then too!)

- March 24, 1964: The Kennedy Half Dollar was first issued. (Coming soon! The Obama Billion-Dollar coin!)

Got my copy of iMovie 06 in the mail today, woot! And I talked to my pal Carey, who is still having leg issues. Get better, Carey, dangit!

That just about covers it for today. Until tomorrow, remember, never draw fire... it irritates the people around you!


Bobinho said...

great clip you put together there... and i agree with you on will ferell ;)

looking forward to your newest comic...

Abbie said...

yeah, i am not a fan of ferell at all. not my kind of funny. but your clip was okay :)

Vye said...

Who's that guy in the picture? I've seen that picture before. I just don't recall where...

David Wagner said...

Found the pic on Break in one of their Galleries.