Friday, March 27, 2009

The Creature From The Black Legume

I had a chance run-in with Sarah Dippity today!

What? :P

Reminds me of one of my mom's favorite jokes. I ask her "Can I call you Constance?" And she replies, "All the time!"

She also said Fidel Picasso was her favorite Cubist.

I better stop before all of your groans flatten me...

Twas a good Friday today (even though it wasn't Good Friday, per se...). Got 4 things crossed off my "To Do List!" Woohoo! Finished the comic (last night), made flier variations for our marketing, took care of the rest of my tax stuff and got it to the tax man, and memorized my lines for the Easter play.

The Tax Man! That might make a funny superhero-type character for my comic...

Still have 6 items on my list, so I have a long weekend ahead... well, as long as there's some pay at the end of the list, I'll be happy. I go through work lulls, and work spurts, so it comes with the territory...

I know you're just dying to know my short term goals for my PC Game playing for the next week, right? You were losing sleep, worrying, not knowing, right? I'm so sorry... next time, speak up! In Fallout 3, I printed out a checklist of all the special bobblehead dolls you can find scattered throughout the ruins, and I shall now go about collecting all 20. Of course, that's along with blowing up every abandoned vehicle I come across...

There! Now you can rest at ease! Sleep well tonight! Dream wonderful things! That reminds me; I need to work on the next comic in my Dream Series... I got a lot of good feedback about the last strip. As much as I enjoy doing them, they are taking more and more hours to do. Don't get me wrong, I like doing them, and enjoy the results, but I may tinker with a way to simplify the art. Maybe I'll do like they do in the papers, and do black and white ones, for the most part, and color ones once a week. Bah, I like the way the color ones turn out, so forget it.

Todayve In History: March 28
- Two famous Olympic track athletes both died on March 28th. Jim Thorpe died in 1953 (gold medalist in 1912) and Jesse Owens died in 1980 (gold medalist, 1936). (I don't have a joke here - I just thought that was a mildly interesting coincidence.)

- March 28, 1794: The Louvre in France opens to the public. (All paintings were in black and white back then, of course...)

- March 28, 1797: Nathaniel Briggs patents the Washing Machine. (Housewives of the world, rejoice!)

- March 28, 1891: The first World Weightlifting Championships are held. (Sheesh! How strong do you have to be to lift the world?)

It's always wild to sift out interesting little tidbits to post for the "today in history" segment. There are always hundreds of items that get passed over, being too obscure. I suppose if I was tricky, I would post items that I knew y'all wouldn't have ever heard of, and use it as a mini-history lesson, so we all could learn a bit about people and events we've never heard of before. How educational! But, alas, I'd rather go for stuff we already know. Makes for a shorter post, plus it lets me make stupid parenthetical one-liners for (mostly) my own amusement.

Funny Picture Time:

How ironic!

Well, gonna run. Gonna play a bit more Fallout 3, read the rest of Runaway Jury, and prepare for tomorrow. Until tomorrow, remember, color is just a pigment of your imagination...

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