Friday, March 13, 2009

OK, OK! I'll Floss! Sheesh!

Friday or fried egg, which one?

I am so embarrassed of how late I slept in today, I'm not going to mention it. In fact, forget I even brought it up! (long pause) Did you forget I brought it up? You did? Good.

I was up really late reading Bakker - not that it's really good, more out of habit at this point. I'm nearing the end, and really, I feel no strong compulsion to continue with Book 2 at this point (it's called The Warrior Prophet), but I will likely finish the first book, out of courtesy. It has been off of literary probation since about page 200 or so, so I should at least finish the blasted thing...

I do have a couple more series starters left on my shelf, that I might pick up next. Cavern of Black Ice by J.V. Jones (The Sword of Shadows Trilogy) and Hawkwood's Voyage by Paul Kearney (The Monarchies of God Trilogy). I also have that copy of the Talisman waiting for a long-overdue re-read. Who knows? Perhaps it's a book best left un-re-read! Some books and movies are better in the distant memory of them than in actuality. How many times have you watched a movie you swore was awesome years ago, only to find out it pretty much sucks?

I made a new comic, as I mentioned yesterday. Introduced a new character - Vye the Conqueror! And I developed Carl a bit more. I like Carl; he's hot...

Sorry, Vye... that's the best I could do at drawing armor at the moment. Hey, if you email me a picture of your favorite WoW character, I'll use that as the basis for your armor. I think you'll be a recurring character, if that's OK with you.


On This Dayve In History: March 13th

- March 13, 1852, the cartoon figure Uncle Sam made it's debut in New York Lantern Weekly. (Hey, what do you know! He wants ME!)

- March 13, 1781: William Herschel discovers Uranus. (Too many potential jokes here... hmm... how about, "Are you sure his name wasn't Hershey"?)

and finally

- March 13, 1921, the great Al Jaffee was born! (You know... from Mad Magazine? The cartoonist? Come on, work with me here...)

I'm off to church with the family. Going to rehearsal for the Easter production. Finally got the cast settled for the drama bits; going to have our first sit-down script review tonight. I know what you're thinking... "Dave, Easter is a month away... are you insane?"

What? You weren't thinking that? Hmm. Guess I need to work on my remote, time-travelling mind reading a bit more. I'm losing my touch...

If I have more to add here when I return, I'll edit it in here. If not, I'll see you Saturday! Oh, and if you scroll allllllll the way down to the bottom of this page, you'll notice the Sudoku gadget, in case you like Sudoku. It wouldn't fit on the side, sorry.

Until tomorrow, remember, black holes are created when God divides by zero.


Abbie said...

yes! Vye the conqueror is awesome! nice semblence to vye too, and you as well. You guys tranfer on the paper very well :P very cool looking! Good work!

Bobinho said...

Another 2-pointer for Carl... go Carl!! go Carl! although the proctologist joke was funny :D but that's Carl for ya :D

Vye said...

Comic was well done! I will definitely send you a picture of Frostmourne (sword) and some armor. The frame with you stacking red bull on your head cracked me up. I could totally picture you doing that while I'm talking to you. Keep it up!

Jayson said...

I love the comic! It's totally what Vye would say. Eh? I also love the old school skating video, nothing but love for the old school.