Thursday, March 5, 2009

You Never Call Me "Dimples" Anymore... Why Not?

Thursday, March 5th, 2009! On this day in history:

- March 5th, 1877: Rutherford B. Hayes was inaugurated as the 19th US President. (That's just cool because he was named "Rutherford" lol, what a tool!)
- March 5, 1907: The first Radio Broadcast of a musical composition aired. (I bet it wasn't a Neil Diamond song...)
- March 5, 1933: FDR proclaims a 10-day bank holiday. (Wonder if our new FDR will do the same soon...)
- March 5, 1945: The US 7th Army Corps captures Cologne. (Must have been a wonderful-smelling cologne!)
- March 5th, 1953: Josef Stalin's death is announced (about 10 years too late, unfortunately...)
- and March 5th, 1994: The largest milkshake ever is created - 1,955 gallons, in Nelspruit, South Africa. (Whoever bought it must have driven a semi through that drive-thru...)

Went into the rug shop today, got things done. I made things happen! BAM! Like that!

Took daughter #2 in with me (no, it wasn't "Bring Your Daughter To Work Day"... sheesh!), and she stuffed envelopes. Hopefully, we'll get a flood of business with the marketing campaign we're doing. Then all will be well in the world! It will! Everyone will get along! The economy will right itself! Dogs and cats will hang out together! My feet won't stink! Etc! In fact, a second etc. too!

I tried something new tonight... I made a comic! Here it is!

Click it to make it larger (and therefore, easier to read!) I may do more, who knows? I'm pretty much winging it with not only this blog, but with life in general as well. Too bad I don't live in a city called General... then I could talk about Life In General, and think I was being clever!

I'm having technical problems with todays Favorite Scene. I will put this text as placeholder art for now, but when I finally get it ready, I'll re-edit this and replace it with todays scene, which is from Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you're reading this text, check back again for the clip, dangit! You know you want to!

EDIT: Hey, here's that scene I was braggin' about...

Read some more of Bakker's book last night - I'm glad I stuck it out, it's working well. But alas, I couldn't stay up past 1:30 am... I zonked out. I may zonk out early again tonight as well...

Nothing else comes to mind, as far as stuff to whine about. I suppose that's my signal to sign off for the night.

Until tomorrow, remember, he who laughs last was the last one to get it.

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Vye said...

That comic is so you. I showed it to my Dad, who immediately started laughing and said "That guy..." while shaking his head.

Good stuff...Good stuff. I'd like to see small comic bits like that to further illustrate the points you're trying to communicate. IMHO a good example would be of Bakker and his yes-men when you were complaining about his writing style.

In other news, I went to a funeral today. It was held in a "save me a seat in heaven" kind of church. I think I have similar convictions to those of Orson Scott Card when it comes to funerals and how people are sometimes inaccurately portayed. The guy was a good guy, he had his issues like everyone else does. What I don't understand is why someone would write "A man after God's own heart" on the itinerary. God said that about David, but to me that seems rather self serving to come from anyone other than God himself. That might just be my cynical view, I don't know. I just found it inappropriate.

I told Shannon for my funeral I just want everything told how it was. My strengths, weaknesses, devotions, and inspirations. Who I really was in life. Not what everyone wanted me to be. Genuine in life and death.

k..nuff randomness. I get in these sobering moods sometimes.