Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ask Me About My Lobotomy

Wednesday is Rug Shop Day. Went into the shop, made some things happen. Finished the rough edit of the Rug Shop Tour video clip I'm making. I'll record the narration Thursday, drop it in and tighten it up. Should be loads of fun! Except for iMovie 08, which is a giant step backwards, as far as "user friendliness." Whoever made those design change decisions needs a swift kick to the nether-regions.

I use iMovie 06 to create the Favorite Scene clips that I post here that no one watches. No one real, that is... good thing I have such a rabid following among my invisible audience. They think I'm the bomb.

No Favorite Scene for you tonight, though I know the film I'll be pulling from next - an AMAZING movie that I watched last night called The Fall (2006), which I doubt you've ever heard of, but I can honestly say is about as close to the perfect movie as I've ever seen. Visually, absolutely enthralling. I can't gush enough about it - it's the cinematic equivalent of the literary home run that is Name of the Wind.

I'll be posting a scene or two from it soon (I'm kind of spent, creatively, at the moment). Trust me, you'll love it.

I've also worked out another couple comic strips, which will also make their appearance soon.

Got some good news at the rug shop regarding the Turkish Rug I mentioned waaay back in my very first post (Jan 1). Guess I can't really elaborate much, but to say that it's an exciting find. Once the new owner has been decided, and funds exchanged, I will post pictures of it here, along with particulars. Kind of a once-in-a-lifetime type of rug.

The good news was welcome, after the stretch we've been having, which has been especially hard on dear old mom.

Still plugging along on The Darkness That Comes Before. 334 pages in so far... I can't recall a book ever taking me this long to read. A far cry from the Abercrombie books, which I powered through like a bag of beef jerky, or like Rothfuss' book, which I savored like an iced tea on a hot day. No, this is more like trying to finish off a big bowl of cold spaghetti to win a bet.

No videos for you tonight, but I do have this for you, from the web comic XKCD:

Some funny strips in that webcomic. Thanks to Vye for the recommendation.

This Dayve In History: March 11th

- Italy's Mt Etna erupted on March 11th in 1669, and then again on March 11th 305 years later (1974). Wonder what the odds of that were..?

- March 11th, 1986, was officially the 1 millionth day since the traditional founding of the city of Rome. (Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your years!)

and on March 11th, 1997

- The ashes of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry were launched into space. (Where they will boldly drift where no ashes have drifted before...)

And 5 points to Bob for correctly guessing the source of yesterday's movie quote.

Until tomorrow, remember, lather, rinse and repeat.

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