Monday, March 30, 2009

You Know How the Swivel War Kept Going Back and Forth?

Another lovely day winds to a close. Wait a minute... did I just say "lovely"? Hmm...

Today was mostly about getting ready for BE2 class tonight. Read two books and finished up the labs (which consisted mostly of looking up a butt-load of verses in Psalms). I did finish gathering newsletter content and editing it as well. Plus, I worked on the next comic - though it's not done yet, sorry...

The three-year-old has a new trick. She makes up words, and then proudly proclaims that she is speaking Spanish. She'll even translate the words for you, if you want. She's a smart one, that kid. Plus, I'm sorry, I can't help this next part... I'll be sitting in my office, door open, minding my own business, when in the background I'll here a **S-S-SMACK!**!!! Followed by my 13-year-old squealing and shouting "Ouch! Maggie, that hurt!!!! M-o-o-o-m!!!!" Then Maggie will run in giggling. I can't help it - it makes me laugh every time. It's hard to pretend I'm angry and scold her when it's all I can do to suppress a smile. The idea of a 3-year-old owning someone 10 years older than her is just too funny to me. 

*SMACK!* Reminds me of Carl...

Got a shocker this morning. I checked my email and had several emails from paypal for online purchases I didn't make! Yay! Someone hacked into my account and was charging stuff to my credit card! Yay! Spent some time on the phone with paypal straightening it out. They have a 100% fraud protection guarantee, so it is being handled. And I changed not only that password, but as many others as I could recall. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Todayve In History: March 31
- March 31, 1948: Everybody's favorite Global Warming Windbag Al Gore was born! (Global Warming Humor: Gore is so full of hot air, you should see the size of his Methane Footprint!)

- March 31, 1889: The Eiffel Tower officially opens to the public. (Of course, they celebrated by eating cheese, not bathing and then surrendering! There, a stereotype trifecta!)

- March 31, 1896: Whitcomb Judson patents the zipper. (Later that day, someone told him his fly was open...)

- March 31, 1918: The first Daylight Savings Time in the US goes into effect. (Think of all the daylight we've saved since then! I mean, when you consider compound interest and everything...)

- March 31, 1932: Ford publicly unveils it's first V-8 engine. (Wow! An engine that runs on vegetable juice!)

I can't believe I put an Al Gore reference in my blog post - what a llama. But I've been saving that "methane footprint" joke for over a year now, waiting for a chance to tell it. The verdict? Nowhere near as funny as I thought it would be. Maybe if I added that his fly was open...

Here's a cool video... I can't for the life of me remember if I've posted this in my blog before... If I have, my apologies. 

I'm going to skedaddle for now. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Until tomorrow, remember, it's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop at the end...


Me said...

i'm glad you sorted things out with paypal... could've ended ugly :S

PS: what if you subconsciously applied your 3-year-old daughter's character to carl??? just a thought :D

cheers from the underworld!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA that vid was cool stuff and i can imagine how funny it is for maggie and katie, LMAO

great blog sir, becomeing one of the few things i look forward to during my day!

tak care and until next time...OH hey i uploaded a few pics just for you on facebook...they are shoe stores here in kosovo LMAO