Friday, March 6, 2009

I Taught You That!

Friday! Yay!

It was a good day. Not a great day, but a good one, which is nice, of course...

Typical mix of work, surf and play got me to dinnertime (mmm... spaghetti! *urp* 'scuse me...), and then we all went to church for Easter practice. Meaning, the Easter worship service... and everyone who was anyone was there! The place was hoppin! OK, not really... but it was productive. I tinkered with the Easter Script, trying to trim it down as tight as possible. I would have left it longer had we had the option to film it instead of doing it live. Each method has it's merits: Live is stronger but more difficult (memorization and rehearsal), with film you can do more but you lose that connection with the audience that you have in person. I would have preferred filming, but I was overruled. It's all good.

This Dave In History: March 6
- Michelangelo was born on this day in 1475 (we artists have to stick together!)
- The Beatles released "Let It Be" in the UK on this day in 1970. (The year I was born! There's a connection somehow, I just know it!)

but the big one for me is

- Giuseppe Verdi's opera "La Traviata" premiered on this day in Venice in 1853!

You may think I'm joking, but I'm not. There's a lot of opera music I dig - mostly tenors. Soprano's usually rattle my head. I'm going to post Pavarotti singing the famous Brindisi from La Traviata. I'm pretty sure you'll recognize the tune, though you might never have known what it was called...

Hope you enjoy that. I could listen to Pavarotti all day. Man, I wish I could sing like that. My singing voice has been compared to Niel Diamond... unfavorably!

I don't have a Favorite Scene for you tonight. I know, I'm a slacker. You'll just have to leave me a comment scolding me! (let's see if my shameless ploy to get more comments works! MUAHAHAHAH!!!)

Did you like my comic I posted yesterday? Too wierd? I may crank one out again tomorrow, so look out!

Wifey leaves for an overnight trip to Mexico tomorrow morning. She'll be back Sunday sometime.

Well, I guess I'll leave it be for tonight. Until tomorrow, Fair Thee Well, O Leg Of Mine!

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Abbie said...

Hey, that is one amazing picture you have of the bird! WOW!! And don't worry about the script; God will give you the right words and length, I'm sure of it. :)