Sunday, January 25, 2009

She's the Type of Gal that Likes to Run Around...

The Dave of the Lord is here!

Well, it was another solid day today, methinks. Wifey ran her half-marathon today; finished in 2:12, which is about what she was aiming for. I'd like to post a pic of her crossing the finish line, but I didn't see it... I was driving around for a half-hour looking for a parking space. Then I was wading through wall-to-wall people, trying to find either my wife, my kids or the finish line. I dropped the girls off as close as I could get to the finish line, thinking at least they should try and see her cross, while I drove around the vast parking lot, looking for a spot... they saw her cross, but couldn't get a pic.

Wifey didn't care - she was happy that we were there, and I was happy that she was happy. Still, it was incredibly frustrating, especially for me, since I really don't like crowds.

It made me think of that passage in Daniel (also in Revelation) that talks about the vast sea of people gathered before God's throne, etc. I think it said "ten thousand times ten thousand", which is a hundred million people, if my math is correct. Here I was, freaking out around a couple thousand... I can't even begin to fathom a crowd of a hundred million. I may give up the ghost just thinking about it!

I took wifey and family to Red Robin near our house to celebrate. Nothing says "congratulations" like the gift of a nice hamburger!

Went to church tonight. Got some work done, listened to the sermon. Pastor "suggested" all the people get rid of all video games, especially ones that have anything to do with supernatural things. My gut response was to dismiss it out of hand... I mean, according to that standard, the gospels would have to be gotten rid off, too... plenty of supernatural elements going on there. Also, the idea that real warfare is ok, but simulated warfare is somehow evil. I don't know... who determines what is ok and what isn't? I don't think it's a one-size-fits-all thing.

Besides, I kind of think it's the wrong approach to begin with. Even Pastor has stressed before that it shouldn't be about figuring out what we will do or not do for God... it should be about asking "Father, what do you want me to do right now?" Maybe games are ok today! Maybe they aren't, and He'd have us do something else! You can't really make a blanket condemnation of otherwise neutral hobbies and activities, and make it stick in light of the "what do you want me to do now" mindset.

Granted, it's hard hard hard to develop such a habit - if for no other reason than the uncertainty behind learning to hear His voice and know that it's Him, and not your own brain, or some other voice.

"God told me to stop doing A."

"Funny, God told me that A was ok."

Who heard from God? Neither? Both?

Bah, I don't know. Learning to become a servant is difficult for people born with free will.

I'll leave that for now. I didn't dismiss pastors advice, but I won't embrace it outright either. I'll pray about it. (Note: when a Christian says "I'll pray about it", that means he's not going to change a thing, lol.)

These Are A Few of My Favorite Scenes:

I was working on something special for the movie clip of the day, but it's not ready yet. So instead, I'll post another great clip from Duck Soup, with the Marx Brothers. This scene is a classic.

Love it.

It's looking to be a good week. Got my work schedule set up, which includes another set of newsletters for my three clients that get them, and the Rug Care Central redesign. Maybe I'll send out some invoices at the end of the week, and get some cash flow movement.

February's coming... do you know where your Valentine is?

Until tomorrow, add a half-cup sugar and mix thoroughly.

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