Sunday, January 4, 2009

Church day, eh!

Sunday. Yup. Being a churchy guy, that means two services to attend, with much to do.

It's kind of a bummer to be in a small(ish) church. Everybody has to wear so many hats, since there's a deceptively large amount of things to do in a church, and in our case, not enough people to do it all. Yet it needs to be done, so most people have many responsibilities.

Mine include: Serving on the church council, being an elder, teaching sunday school (currently on a hiatus, actually), running the video room (taping the morning service, both for people that get the DVDs in the mail and also so that the footage can be edited for television, on both coasts), designing book covers (and all other graphic-art related needs), and head of the drama department (writer, director, producer, actor, etc.), among other things.

I write this not to try and impress anyone, but rather to lay the foundation for the following statement: going to church is like going to work. It's impossible to worship (since I'm upstairs in the video room, spearheading the video taping), and almost impossible to follow the sermon for any stretch of time. In both cases, making sure the lighting and sound are good, planning camera shots and orders, and stopping/starting recording equipment, kind of absorbs my attention full time.

I do have a couple of kids from the youth group that are trained in many of the aspects, so I occasionally leave things in their hands and sit downstairs with wifey, but not too often.

In any case, it feels like going to work. Today was more of the same. I know it's all important, and my efforts result in many people getting their spiritual provision, etc., and I don't mean to sound like a whiner, but I feel like the accumulation of months that have passed since I've really felt "fed" is producing a fear that my spiritual growth is being stunted - by the act of ministering. Kind of a paradox, in a way.

Anyway, you can see the results of my video-efforts here, and many of my Christmas plays here, if you scroll all the way near the bottom, under David Wagner.

Anyway, other than that, I'm plugging along. I've unfortunately settled into a "holiday" mindset, which is fine to a point (we all need a break now and again), but I need to pry myself out of it and get back to work. I have a couple work-related projects stacking up, and if one or more of my clients need something done quickly this week, it will really be crunch time. We'll see how Monday unfolds. I'm working on one project tonight, and have a gameplan for tomorrow.

My new, blazing fast computer is under the weather already. The friend that built it for me has trouble-shot it thoroughly and told me tonight that he needs to return the motherboard and get a new one. No biggie - he'll need it for another week at least. That's a blessing in disguise - it won't be around to tempt me to play one of the many new games I bought for Christmas this year. The aforementioned work-related items should be my priority right now.

Latest Book: Across the Face of the World.
Latest Film: Man On Wire (very good)
Latest Games: Fate, Minesweeper and Scrabble.

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havah said...

I've only read Shift so far, but I really liked it. And I learnt something too because, honestly, I had never thought of things that way before. Perhaps that is the reason I feel so stagnant lately. Thank you.