Friday, January 23, 2009

Are the Shades of Pemberly to be Thus Polluted?

Greetings, space traveler!

More Coldplay music on iLike

The weekend is upon us: thought I'd start off with a nice, mellow song - Amsterdam by Coldplay. Give it a listen if you wish (Mom, hook up your speakers!) - but just 'cuz I like it doesn't mean you have to too! Coldplay and Creed are both bands that people love or hate, I don't know why. I happen to like both.

What has me in a melancholy mood, here on the preferable end of a weekend? Well, the Waldenbooks at the mall is closing tomorrow! Ah, how bittersweet when a book store closes! It's sad to have one of the only stores I like to go into at the mall shut down... but at the same time, 40% to 75% off all merchandise Woohoo!!! Picked up some great deals today! Gonna go back tomorrow and see if the discounts are higher still. I got Book 3 in the First Law trilogy (the series that started with The Blade Itself), and a copy of The Talisman by Stephen King, and a book that has been sitting in my Amazon shopping cart for weeks now - The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It's supposed to be terrific.

Finished The Blade Itself last night; now I face a dilemma. Do I wait patiently for the ordered Book 2 to arrive, or do I start a new series in the interim? I now have about a dozen books lined up, waiting for me to read. There's a couple other books that I didn't buy today that I might pick up tomorrow if they are discounted further, including the rest of the books in the series I read a few weeks ago by Russell Kirkpatrick.

Here's a question for ya: We all have a book collection of some size or other, I'm sure. It would interesting to know how many of the books in your collection you've read completely, how many you've read in part, and how many not at all. Are there any that you've read several times? Any that you read that you enjoyed enough to keep in your collection, but you'll probably never read again?

Ah, I love a good book! Hey, it's OK... it's legal in California to do that, I think... we're crazy liberals out here...

Took wifey and the kids to the Runner's Expo in San Marcos this afternoon, so she could register and get her number for the half-marathon she's running on Sunday. The most impressive thing (to me) about what I saw today was the vast sea of porta-potties they have poised and ready for action on Sunday. Sorry, I'm not a runner, so the rest of it was a bunch of people milling around, looking fit, giving off that "look at me, I'm a runner" vibe, like they all belonged to a big, unofficial club or something.

Of course, I belong to such a club as well: Windy Lumbering Nerds Addicted To Starbucks and Narcissistic Blogging. It's a proud group, with a vast membership as well, but normally doesn't hold Expos or conventions, since we're all pretty anti-social, and smell vaguely of Red Bull, beef jerky and B.O. ...

Well, since I'm in a mellow mood - and to counter the very testosterone-heavy clips I've been posting of late - today, I give you a scene from the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. You won't find any swords, bullets or car chases in this clip, just some strong dialog and stronger acting. It's the face-off between Elizabeth Bennet and Lady Catherine in the garden. Good stuff. I almost posted the next scene, where Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy finally express their love for each other, but I didn't want to destroy my manly reputation completely... just dent it a bit, I suppose.

Fear Not, movie violence fans! Tomorrows clip is going to be the street shoot-out scene from Heat!

Well, not sure where I should take it from here, so I guess I'll just bid you farewell for now. If I think of more to say, I'll pop back in and edit this post, and make it longer.

Until tomorrow, beam me up, Mr. Scott.

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