Wednesday, January 14, 2009

But Not Tonight

Ah, classic Depeche Mode! But Not Tonight is perhaps my favorite DM song. I have everything they did (and I mean everything) up to and including the Violator album. I'm talking remixes, imports, interviews, weird experimental stuff they did in studio just farting around... even a recording some guy made of Martin Gore playing an impromtu song on a piano in some hotel lobby somewhere.

Hey, there's a top 5 list for ya: Top 5 Favorite Depeche Mode songs:
1. But Not Tonight
2. Get Right With Me
3. Tora! Tora! Tora!
4. Stories of Old
5. It Doesn't Matter

As with most things, my "favorites" list would likely change a bit, depending on mood, but for today, I'd say that's accurate...

Another beautiful day in SoCal comes to an end. Took Kid #2 to school, went in to the Rug Shop, got some work done on the web site redesign... it's surprisingly hard to work on it. I really feel like I don't know what I'm doing. Kind of wish I had a second graphic artist to work together with me on it, in person, sort of bouncing ideas off of each other, feeding off each other's energy (so to speak). I'd have probably been done by now, eh! But progress is being made, so it's all good.

Got some other odds and ends done today.

Watched a Gawd-awful movie last night called The Forbidden Kingdom. It was literally painful to watch, but I forced myself to watch it all, so that I could, in good conscience, write a scathing review of it for Netflix. People should be punished for making really bad movies... punished by making them watch the movie all the time. The review won't likely post until tomorrow, but I'll try and link to my review page anyway... although I'm pretty sure you have to be a member of Netflix, and signed in to access the review page...

Netflix is terrific, I love it. I mostly love being able to watch movies streamed directly to my computer, in nice, high resolution, woohoo! Not all movies, mind you, but a lot of their library you can access instantly like that. Very cool.

Dori and I had an interesting conversation today via email about the nature of relationships/friendships/acquaintances, etc. Once the conversation resolves itself, I'll post some thoughts and conclusions here.

Boy, tonight's post seems kind of stiff for some reason...

Tomorrow is St. Bryan's Day...

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havah said...

Hey, nice to know you had a great day today. :)

1) Glad I'm not the only one who likes DM
2) I'd love to see your graphic design
3) I have seen that movie.
4) Would love to know the outcome of that conversation.