Thursday, January 1, 2009

And so it begins...

OK, I'm going to try something, and see how long it lasts. I'm going to try and post a new blog post every day for 2009. I'm always on my computer, so it shouldn't be that big a deal finding the time. And I have plenty to say...

Really, the main reason I'm going to try it is so that perhaps, by the act of daily writing, I can re-ignite my desire to finish my novel, The Master's Program. I believe it will be a very worthwhile story to write, whether it goes anywhere after that or not.

So this blog will be my journal; my daily diary that no one will likely ever read. But it will give me a chance to vent, a chance to unplug the pipes that are blocked and preventing me from making progress in not only my development as a writer, but as a person as well, and perhaps I will grow spiritually as well.

So I'm not going to hold anything back, I'm just going to let it rip.

The New Year has just begun, mere moments ago. I kissed my wife and kids on the head, wished them a happy new year and came in here to write.

Here is a brief snapshot of my life, as of now:

Work: I have several regular clients for my free-lance graphic arts business. Business is slowing on that front - I trust it is just because the holiday build-up made them too busy to need me for much, and not because the sluggish economy has forced them to cut back on their graphic arts-related expenses. I hope things will pick back up to normal in January on that front.

At the rug shop, things are slow as well. But mom found this great Turkish rug that *could* be worth a pretty penny - say 20K minimum, who knows the maximum. We're gathering info on it, so we can know what to ask for it when we sell it. Also, I'm gathering strength to do the web-site redesign for rug care I don't like the current look of it, and want to make it "better".

Church: Mt Zion is plugging along. Pastor is 84 this year. Not sure how much longer he'll be with us. And I'm not sure what will happen once he is gone. Will Stan become the pastor, or will the Four Square move some newbie in? Either way, will people stay or leave?

We had a great production of the Christmas Play this past December, one I wrote called The Gold Cross. The video tape of it turned out better than I thought it would.

Home: The wife and I are getting along well of late. My kids are my treasures. I bought a new computer, and a stack of games waiting to be played on it. Later tonight, I'll be going to the Wilson's house for an overnight LAN party. Hope it will be fun.

Currently reading: Across the Face of the World.
Currently playing: Fate and Fallout 3.
Latest movies watched: Hancock (Not bad: 3/5), Tropic Thunder (great script, but crude 3/5) and Dark Knight (awesome 5/5)

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Avari said...

uhh, so I am trying to write an essay for school and I have to take frequent breaks while writing to get new ideas or whatever cause I suck at it. Anyway so I just took a break and I was thinking; I wonder what Dave's first blog looked like. So I went and read it. Funny how you thought no one would be reading this and a lot of people are.
I often wonder about pastor a lot too and what will happen when he's gone. It kind of seems to me like he is the only thing keeping the church together. He has a really good message and he's good at what he does. Because without what he preaches being there I have a feeling a lot of people will leave. I would hope not though, you kinda get close to these people, even the ones you don't like so much. It will be sad when the time comes.

Anyway! totally random, I am just busying myself when I really need to write this darn essay!