Tuesday, January 20, 2009

...But I Can't See the Stove...

It is finished.

No, I'm not quoting Jesus on the cross (though I probably should), I'm referring to my office! Carey came over today and I took him to Frys and to lunch (in that order), and then we returned and got my office in order. My new monitor arrived via FedEx while we were gone, at long last.

Hopefully, that's the last time you'll be forced to view my desk. I know it is painful, but you can endure! I believe in you! (or is it "I be leavin' you"? I always get that mixed up...)

So I've got my two systems, my dual 19s, my nice new 24, and off to the right, just out of view, I set up my iMac. Can you say "overkill"? Well, I'll be keeping it this way for the time being, until I get my new rig set up to do what it needs to do, for work as well as play, and I see that it runs smoothly and solidly, with no hiccups. Then I'll decide what to do with my old system. I may sell it, or set it up at mom's house, for Johnny boy to use. I may sell the iMac too, since it is somewhat redundant as well. I have a mac notebook that does everything the iMac does, and better.

Oh, and that square black box between the monitors is my wireless router, so all of my computers are now online. Well, I guess it's better to have too many options than not enough.

So, the day was pretty much spent setting things up and getting stuff installed, with a healthy dose of Fallout 3 added as well.

I feel kind of self-absorbed going on and on about this stuff... then again, this is my blog, and so it's more appropriate here than in some forum thread somewhere... besides, I have no real agenda with this blog - I'm kind of winging it...

I might as well post a video clip. Here's today's episode of A Few of My Favorite Scenes. This one is from Duck Soup, with the Marx Brothers. So many great scenes from this film, it was very hard to pick. I thought I'd go with Groucho, since I like him the best.

We had to buy a new vacuum yesterday. I've been spending/charging quite a bit since the holidays... at least the computer equipment is a tax write-off. Still, I think I'm going to try and implement a spending freeze for the next month or two, until I see how things shake down, as far as debt-to-income. We're planning a trip to Albuquerque in May, and I'll need to budget for renting a vehicle to drive us out there and back again. I'd like that to be my next big purchase, if at all possible. Meh, well see. It's all just numbers on a paper, when you think about it...

I've got a couple Netflix sitting in my drawer, waiting a viewing. I'll have to watch them soon. One is American Gangster, with Russell Crowe and Denzel. Supposed to be pretty good. The other is The Assassination of Jesse James, with Brad Pitt and others in it. That's also supposed to be good. When I give them a watch, I'll let y'all know.

Wifey runs a half-marathon this coming up Sunday. Gonna be there at the finish line to watch her cross. That reminds me; I better make sure someone is there Sunday to run the video, since I'm going to be missing church.

Another mellow day.

Until tomorrow, crack a window, eh?


havah said...

Nice looking set-up. My brother would love it...but only if you use Linux. That's the deciding factor for him.

*lol* Do you know, I've never watched the Marx brothers before? But, in my defense, I was in a different country. Oh, btw, I started watching Burn Notice through that website you linked to. Pretty darn cool. Thanks :)

Vye said...

Wooooo! I've been waiting for this post. Seksi compie! Playing games on Crown Stealer made me consider putting a nvidia X2 in my Mac Pro... But then I figured I wouldn't want to boot to windows that often to play Crysis. :-|

Joseph said...

Very nice.

I have yet to bust out Fallout 3. I believe I still count as newly married and staying up until 2:30 every night (which I know I would do) would not keep me in such great standing with the wifey.