Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 In A Row! Do I win Something?

10 days in a row posting in the ol' (new, actually) blog. Ah, watch my fingers dance across the keyboard! A wonder to behold! Especially since I use only 2 fingers to type! The ring and pinky fingers on my left hand... those are the two fingers I type with...really...I do.... believe me?

OK, I stretched the truth a bit there. Sorry, I'm in a mood...

Wifey went down to Mexico today with a small group from our church, to bring (late) Christmas gifts to a passel of kids at a church orphange in Ensenada. She had a good time and got home safe, so I'd call the trip a success. I stayed home with the kids, met my mom for lunch at the mall, and got some work done. Is that the most boring blog sentence in the world, or what? Are you still awake? Well, it's a good thing I "write like no one's reading"!

Ah, my beautiful new keyboard. The wieght of it! The softly backlit blue keys, so I can type in the dark! All these extra buttons and knobs that I have no clue what they do...

Hmm... let's see... anything worthwhile to say? Hmm... "worthwhile" is so subjective...

Business is picking up again, which is nice. Read some more of my latest reading material last night and today: The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. Pretty solid Fantasy fare. I watched Hellboy 2 last night, and while, yes, it was visually interesting, it has been solidly placed upon my "only watch once and never again" list, for various reasons I won't bore you with.

Wow, today really was a whole lot of 'very little worth mentioning'... if you've made it this far, you have both my appreciation and my apology. Perhaps tomorrow will be more interesting.

I wish I could post audio links in the blog. There's a terrific song I'd love for you to hear. They allow pictures and video clips, you'd think audio would be no prob!

As Saturday fades and draws close to an end,
My rambling words follow suit, my friend,
Perhaps the new day will provide something more
Than these vacuous thoughts you'd do well to ignore,
How fitting that I would let my last thoughts be
a haphazard stab at some lame poetry.

Thank you Cleveland! Good night!


havah said...

You sound like you're in a good mood *lol* And, yes...I read to the end. I always do. It's nice to look into a head other than my own. :D

PS Your keyboard does sound awesome.

havah said...

And yes, you win two comments from me. Congratulations! :D