Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get Crazy With the Cheese Whiz

Heel toe, heel toe...

:O AAA!!!! Angst in the house! Drives me insane! But *certain* unnamed people in the house seem to thrive on it, and if I try to step in and bring an end to it, I pay for it. Some people need drama; I am not one of those people.

Dad called today to thank me again for helping him move. I'm glad they're getting settled in to their new place ok. With all the chaos in a move, there's something cool about finally relaxing and sitting down in your new place and taking it in.

I've been sifting through a bunch of new music lately (well, new to me, in any case) from both my mom's CD collection and a bunch of mp3s that Yanni gave me. Some of it doesn't agree with me, as is to be expected with such a wide array of music to choose from, but some of it is pretty cool. There's a song called "Loser" by a singer named Beck that is pretty cool, not just musically (pretty catchy) but because the lyrics are pretty much nonsense statements that don't really tie together, but just sound cool as they roll off the tongue.

Paul Simon writes his stuff that way, too. I read an interview with him once where he described his music writing process, and in most cases, he comes up with the music first, then kind of hums along to the music and finds a cool line for lyrics to follow, then comes up with words to follow that line, regardless of what they are, or really if they make sense or not. Kinda cool.

I guess there's nothing really unique about liking a wide array of music. I'm sure that could be said for just about anybody. Here's a clip from an amazing pair of guitarists, who call themselves Seis Cuerdas, and play in Southern California (mostly Santa Monica and Huntington Beach, apparently). From YouTube:

My step-dad first introduced me to them, and I have one of their albums. As amazing as they are on CD, they are apparently 10 times as amazing live. I have yet to see them live, but there are plenty of clips of them on YouTube like that one.

Man, the videos are loading slowly tonight...

Got the interview transcript edited last night, will format it tonight so I can hit tomorrow's deadline. Scattered in there, I'll be harvesting content for the newsletters, which should have been done by now.

Well, I suppose it's time for today's episode of These Are A Few of My Favorite Scenes. Today's scene comes from Titanic.

Epic. Great movie. One of those films I can't watch very often, because they wring too much out of me. Like Saving Private Ryan, the Abyss, Braveheart, Aliens, Sixth Sense, etc.

Yes, I just put Titanic and Aliens in the same league. So? You wanna fight about it, eh? Quick, name something else those two movies have in common! Yup... Bill Paxton. An actor whom I normally avoid, cuz he's such a dingleberry. Like Nicolas Cage and Woody Allen. Ironically, Paxton was also in another of my favorite films: Tombstone.

Sorry about the little technical glitch at the end of the clip there... it kind of cut me off as I was talking... bah, no biggie. I wasn't saying anything important in any case...

Anyway, got a long night ahead of me, so I better get to work.

Until tomorrow, chin up, soldier!

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havah said...

Hey, I remember that Loser song! *L* I had no idea who sang it or what is was called though. No surprises there.

The guitarists are awesome. And is it just me, or are they twins? My screen is degrading or something, so it's hard to tell :-/

Great clip. I took a deep breath. *L* Yep, another movie I'll probably never watch again...same reason you gave.

P.S. I updated. *gasp*