Sunday, January 18, 2009

Me? A Weiner?

Once again, I take keyboard in hand to type out a blog post of inconsistent substance. This time, I am armed with a bowl of chili (liberally sprinkled with shredded cheddar) and Mango-Orange flavored Rockstar energy drink on ice. Ah, life doesn't get any better...

Yes, it does! I have my new computer back, woohoo! Haven't hooked it up yet; I'm afraid. I have some work-related dregs to polish off first. I just know I'll get sucked into gaming nirvana once I boot the thing up, even when using one of my old 19" monitors (until Tuesday, hopefully). So I think I'll wait, play the responsible adult, and finish up my lingering responsibilities first.

Yet the new screaming beast - which I think I will affectionately name "Crown Stealer" - sits there, taunting me, in a deep, baritone voice, which mixes harmoniously with the sharp tenor voices of my new games on my shelf, taunting me as well. "Open me! Play me! You know you want to!"

Um, yeah... actually... I do want to. I really do.

In fact, here, let me pause and snap a couple pics... prepare thyself... you are about to enter my inner sanctum. My "sanctum sanctorum", if you will...

You'll need to click the pics to enlarge them, so you can read the text, eh! I'm sure you figured that part out on your own, sorry...

Miracle of miracles! I was able to listen to the whole sermon tonight, even though I was upstairs, in charge. Perhaps it was because I was alone up there most of the time... although Anthony joined me after a while, but he played Neves on my DS most of the time, so he was preoccupied.

Anyway, it was a great sermon, I recommend listening to the audio link of it, if you ever are bored and have an hour to kill. In other words, I might as well not link it, since no one will likely click it! Can't link it yet anyway, since it likely won't get added to the WOR site until mid-week...

I've been giving more and more people the link to my blog. I told myself initially that I was just going to write it without letting anyone know, so that I would just write whatever came to me, like a journal, and I wouldn't be hamstrung by the idea that someone I know might be reading it... you know, in case I say something about someone and it gets back to them. But I'm having too much fun with this to keep it to myself. I'll save my full-on, no-holds-barred, brutally honest stuff for off-line journaling... and hope that none of y'all hack my system, thieve the file and post it on Drudge or something...

Besides, if I kept this blog to myself, how could I share funny little things like this with people?

Come on, admit it... that's funny.

Then again, I am a fan of absurdist humor. That's taken from the webcomic "White Ninja" by the way... don't read it unless you're not easily offended, since sometimes, it crosses the fine line between "brilliantly simple absurd humor" and "uh... that's gross".

My other favorite web comic, of course, being The Order of the Stick, which will only appeal to people that play Roll-Playing games (like D&D), and also occasionally crosses the line, unfortuantely.

Here is today's episode of "These Are A Few of My Favorite Scenes," from one of my favorite movies, Mel Gibson's Hamlet.

I'll probably eventually put up many scenes from this movie, since I love it so much. Also, it's fun to memorize passages from Hamlet and quote them in different real-life situations. Extra points if the passage you quote actually is appropriate to the conversation.

Funny thing about that film - it was released the same year as Godfather 3, which is a thoroughly fetid turd of a film. Hamlet was infinitely better. Yet GF3 got a "Best Movie" nomination, and Hamlet was snubbed. What were they thinking?

We bought the first season of Burn Notice at Target tonight for $18. Maybe my family will get hooked on it like I am. Fun show. They're in the other room, watching it right now.

Nothing else today, methinks. But who knows what tomorrow holds! MUAHAHAHA!!!

Until tomorrow, exit our hero, stage left.


Rug Warrior said...

Hey - you made me laugh out loud! :)

Burn Notice is a great show ... not quite House, but nothing quite is.


havah said...

1) Oooh...I had chili too. Parallel lives.

2) How to cool to look into your inner sanctum. You can tell a lot about a person by their space... which is why I will refrain from showing mine. What's the image on the clock, btw?

3) I'll go check out your comic links sometime soonish. I was always a Calvin and Hobbes and Far Side person myself. Quite a mix, huh? :)

4) Ahhh...I love that Hamlet. I'd buy it if I could. Personally, I think it didn't do as well in the awards department because more people understand mafia-speak than Shakespeare-speak -- more's the pity. But then, I adore Shakespearean tragedy. Not sure what that says about me.