Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Forever and Ever Endeavor

Greetings and salivations!

Thought I'd post today a bit early, since I feel the urge to... I'll write some shtuff, then later tonight, if I think of more, why I'll tack it on!

Helped pop move today, as I mentioned last night. Grueling - but not because he had too much stuff or something. It was because I'm so flippin weak! Man, my arms turned into Gumby arms about half-way through. It was so embarrassing. Too much time in front of a computer has led to the atrophication of most of my main muscle groups. But we got most of his stuff moved in, so it worked out well in the end.

Yes, I know that atrophication isn't a word, but hey, I've been known to make up words before, so it's hardly unprecedented...

I stopped at a gas station before heading home after the move, and I saw something amusing. They have an automated car wash at the gas station, and a guy pulled out of it in a nice new Mercedes 2 door sedan. He pulled into the parking spot next to mine, got out, took off his shirt, and proceeded to dry his car off with it. He had a blue-ray thing in his ear, chatting to someone on it, shirt off, tattoos, piercings, having a grand old time. It was odd.

Anyway, I edited together another of My Favorite Scenes for y'all today. I modified the intro some from yesterday. I'm sure it will continue to evolve. Today's clip is from the movie The Fifth Element.

Love that little clip of my kids at the end. They found the "video effects" built into Photo Booth and were playing around with it the other day.

I have a Flip Video unit in my drawer. I may take it out and about with me, and record some footy for my video clips in different locations. The outdoor lighting might produce a better result, visually... These two experimental clips are a bit spotty in the lighting department. Fun stuff. I'm enjoying it tremendously - I hope you don't mind if I continue for a while.

Anyway, all is good again today - no complaints. Got a full week ahead of me, work-wise, which is more than some people can say. Man, people are losing jobs and houses and having a rough go all over the place. It has yet to touch me; I'm counting that among my blessings, and I'm making sure I'm diligent in doing what is requested of me by my clients, just to keep them all happy.

Until tomorrow, remember, great mimes think alike...

Current Book: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
Current Film: The Assassination of Jesse James
Current Game: Fallout 3
Current Bible Study: John 5
Current Music: Sifting through a ton of music Yanni let me "borrow". Jury's still out.

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havah said...

*LOL* Your girls are great. I needed the laugh. And yes, good clip too. :)

1) Ahh, the joys of moving! When I moved into this house, my brother and I happened to have a fit of laughter while getting stuck in a doorway holding a full trunk. Couldn't hold it; couldn't put it down; couldn't move. Quite a pickle.

2) I love the car wash anecdote! *L* I think visually, and that image really tickled me. Something to write about there...