Saturday, August 8, 2009

When a Forest Grows Too Wild, a Purging Fire is Inevitable and Natural.

"An important message" or "an important massage," which one?

Once again, we are at the weekend tipping point; Saturday midnight being the fulcrum upon which the weekend slowly tilts toward Monday, leaving Friday to creep below the horizon in our rear view mirrors...

How's THAT for corny? MUAHAHAHA!!!!

Mellow day today, involving a late rising, some mall activity, some food, a Starbucks run, a newly-reshaved head and some butter pecan ice cream with a healthy splash of chocolate syrup. Now to blog, to read, and to bed. Church day tomorrow; so I should get to bed early... hopefully before 3 am, MUAHAHA!!!

Dang, I used the evil laugh twice so far. Better pace myself, or you'll lose what little respect you have left for me... nothing slays respect like redundancy.

Before I proceed, I better play a request. Yes, I am taking requests now! Abbie and Rebekah have asked that I play the following clip of a three-year-old girl recapping the original Star Wars film...

I remember reading a bit about that clip when it first came out. Apparently the kid only saw Star Wars once, and had a long discussion with her mom about it that the mom thought was so cute she decided to try and have her tell the recap again. This video clip was that second attempt. Apparently, the first time was infinitely more awesome, but alas, it was not filmed. This one is good though... the mom was amazed that she could retain so much of the movie after only one viewing...

So I'm trying to decide what to read next. Ah, the trials and tribulations of the Average Soft American! Oh, what shall I ever do? Not sure what to read next! The horror! I have food to eat, a roof over my head, money in the bank, a wonderful family... all things that a significant percentage of the world does not have... I don't live in a city dump, I'm not rotting in a prison somewhere, I'm not missing limbs, I don't have grievous addictions or mental problems, or even chronic pain of any type. At the moment, life is grand... so what's a man to worry about when life is grand? Well, he worries about what book to read next.

That having been established, let me proceed...

I've pretty much overdosed on Fantasy books since the beginning of the year. If I wanted to, I could number the Israelites and post a list of all the books I've read in the past year, and then marvel at my reading prowess. "Man, that Dave can sure read a lot! So impressive! I wanna be just like him when I grow up!" or if you're female, "I wanna marry someone just like him when I grow up! Look how strong his eyes are! Dave, flex your lids for us again!" (Dave flexes his lids). *swoon*!

These are the Fantasy books I have at my fingertips:
- The Sword of Shanarra, by Terry Brooks
- A Cavern of Black Ice, by JV Jones
- Hawkwood's Voyage, by Paul Kearney
- The Briar King, by Greg Keyes
- The Dark Tower (Books 1 and 2), by Stephen King
and several books by JRR Tolkien... everything but The Hobbit and LOTR (though I have those as well)...

Plus, some heavy lobbying of late for some Brandon Sanderson, which sounds interesting.

Thus, my Fantasy cup runneth over. But I'm feeling a bit burnt out at the moment. I might grab a different genre for a book or two, just to mix it up a bit... These are among my choices...

- The Virtues of War, by Steven Pressfield. A novel about Alexander the Great, by my favorite author.
- The Talisman, By Stephen King. Read it many moons ago, remember almost nothing about it except that I really liked it at the time.
- A group of Tom Clancy books that I've read before (and loved), including: Debt of Honor, Executive Orders, Rainbow Six, Without Remorse, Red Rabbit, The Bear and the Dragon, Red Storm Rising and more...

So there it is, my current reading quandary. While others agonize at the bedside of a dying loved-one, I wrestle with the best fiction title to next read into the wee hours... well, I suppose these are the "good old days" and that I should enjoy them while I can. Last night, as I was trying to sleep, I got a case of the shivers. Now, it's mid-August in San Diego, which means it's certainly not cold. Nevertheless, I lay there, blankets pulled up over my head, shivering. Of course, what's the first thing that pops into my head, morose fool that I am? Yup, concentration camps. Being called out in the snow, while it's still dark, wearing next to nothing, and being forced to stand quietly for hours, shivering, trying desperately to stay awake and erect. People had to go through that! People no different than me! Could I endure such hardness, when I grumble about shivering on my couch for a few minutes on a warm Summer night? I felt stupid. I felt soft. I wondered what the future held. How long would I have it so easy? Would I ever have to face challenges so common to man throughout history? Would I last a minute?

Such are my thoughts in the middle of the night. Pass the ice cream!

Time for the Funny T-shirt of the Day! That'll loosen things up a bit!

I would so buy that shirt. I love it. "WARNING: Do not try this at home!" I always roll my eyes when shows say that... I certainly can't say I recommend those Jackass-type shows, but some of the sketches and stunts they do are pretty funny. Most aren't, but some of them are. I loved the one where they dressed the midget guy up as a matador and had him bull fight with a calf. That was funny, sorry to say.

I was talking (via text messages) today with Joseph about the Beatles edition of the game Rock Band that is coming out in September. For those unfamiliar with the game, the game comes with little plastic band instruments, and the player "plays" along with the song, trying to mimic notes and chords as the tracks progress. It's actually pretty fun. You can play guitar, the bass, drums or sing. It tracks your pitch as you sing, and you score points for each note you hit that is on pitch. It's like karaoke on steroids, basically. It's as fun to watch friends play as it is to play yourself. Anyway, the Beatles version has 2 additional vocal tracks so that others can join in on the harmonies. You can even sing and play an instrument at the same time, if you've got mad skillz.

The Procelli's have a PS3 and the original Rock Band. Maybe they'll get the Beatles version too. That I would enjoy trying.

Countdown to the Scrabble Party! 6 days! At the moment, we have only 2 complete Scrabble sets (and 2 incomplete ones, lol), and then two computers with the Scrabble software on them, in case we need to hot-seat some games. I plan on buying at least one more game board, and maybe asking some of the people to bring their Scrabble if they have it. I have no idea how many people will actually be coming - I want to have enough copies of the game to accommodate as many pairs of people as want to play. I wanted to try and keep it small, but I'm finding out that when it comes to parties, the more people you invite, the more you have to invite, and it multiplies... you can't really draw the line without offending folks. Where's the line, you know? The line between wanting to invite everyone, and being realistic about how big a party you can afford to throw? So, I guess I'll just throw the doors open and see what happens. Hey, you only turn 39 once, right?

Time for another cool video clip. Vye sent me the link to this one a month or more ago, and it slipped out of my addled brain. But Today's Big Thing added it today, and I saw it and went, "Oh yeah, that's awesome!" So here it is Vye. Sorry for the delay...

I think I better pull the plug tonight, before I ramble on for another hour. I'm in a strangely chatty mood tonight, and feel I could go on and on about tons of other stuff. But I shall spare you all the tedium. Sorry about the lack of enthusiasm, with regards to the August Movie Quote Contest... I'm kind of burnt out on it. I may just let it fizzle out, and call Bob the Winner and Eternal Champion.

Until tomorrow, remember, still the guns and stow 'em! Signal the men, set the flags and make good to clear the port!


Anonymous said...

I almost gave up on your have so many blessings but were so focused on the annoyances that I was finding it frustrating. I'm glad to see you finally have clearer perspective. Good work, sir, and thank God that your eyes have been opened.

Joseph said...

I've heard if you play the Beatles edition too much then Yellow Submarine will be stuck in your head indefinitely :O

Sanderson is good, just got done with his Mistborn trilogy. I started it because he has finished the last Wheel of Time book that Robert Jordan could not. I resisted picking up Best Served Cold today, figured I would borrow it from you some time in the future. I have not read your review so I don't know what is in store for me.

Have a good Sunday.

Bobinho said...

title is from Batman Begins and the last sentence is from Pirates of the Caribbean 1

logankstewart said...

David! I got the books you sent me. Thank you so much once again. Now, it's a good thing they were double boxed, because I did not see that the postal folk sat the box out on my front porch yesterday (as I went in and out through the garage door), and I turned on my sprinklers this morning, thus showering my front porch and the box. So, the external box was ruined, but the goods were in perfect condition.

Thanks so much and I'll be posting my thoughts on them on my blog when I finish.

logankstewart said...

Oh, by the way, the Dark Tower series if fantastic. The world King created is so enormous and enriched that you could do a dissertation on it. Plus, the story is amazing. But I'd only read it if you're feeling grandiose and epic.

Rebekah said...

I vote for King too. Though maybe not the SF one.

Glad you posted the little girl. My children will be highly trained in the arts of star wars and trek just as she. I hope Maggs is as well cause you can't start too young.

Hope you had a good Sunday!

Abbie said...

yes, I'm glad you posted that video too! and thanks for the background on it too! I'm starting to read some Clancy novels too, but first I am engrossed in Stephen Lawhead's The Dragon King Saga. Very good!! I'm glad it is a very fat book because that gives me a lot to do!! :)
Yeah, BOB can be the quote king, lol :)

havah said...

There will always be people worse off and better off than we are...such is life. Glad you're enjoying yours, and finding the humour in the little annoyances too. :)

I'm reading a manuscript right now, but even if I wasn't, I'm afraid my reading has petered off somewhat. It's because I have a working laptop again. It seems I know no just sucks me right into its pixelated world.

I would so wear that T-shirt. Too funny!

The paper disco video is incredible. And here I thought I had too much time on my hands! Admittedly though, that person created something most excellent with their excess time. I admire that kind of quirky talent. quotes...perhaps I should start looking for them again. Or perhaps you should start doing lines from obscure songs now. *terribly wicked laugh*

Avari said...

Writing about annoyances can be a healthy way of dealing with them and getting them worked out in your head so that you can come to the right conclusion.

I think that shirt is really funny and I also sometimes wonder when our lives will start to be like those of history. I imagine like living in a cave in the wilderness fleeing for our lives lol. haha but I always jump to worst conclusion so, it might not be that bad. I wouldn't mind that really though. I like nature and being outside.

Paula Titus said...

Stephen King always gets my vote. :)

cmartin8 said...

Trying to play catch up for this months movie line trivia...I believe the first line is from the first of the new Batman series...Batman Begins?