Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Cat's Favorite Band is 'Mews'...

Greetings! I trust you are all away, busy with Christmassy stuff and not sitting around on your keesters, reading my blog. I suppose I'd be off doing stuff too (escaping, likely), but I'm holding out hope that right now, it's perhaps the day or two after Christmas, and you're reading the blog posts you missed, to see if Dave the Goof had anything interesting to say before the year ends.

The short answer: no.

But that's OK.

I decided I'd share a bit of the email I've gotten in the last week or so, related to some of my Christmas scripts which are floating around out there. At the end of each of my scripts, I have a little message saying "Hey, if you like the script and use it, drop Dave a quick email letting him know!" and I include my email addy. Not sure what percentage of people actually take the time to do it, but when they do, it always is cool.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty low at the moment, so yes, posting these notes is self-serving - but not because of narcissism (my usual MO), but because I'm hoping it will cheer me up. I made the names initials, out of respect.

Here's a couple from my play A Child Shall Lead Them
We used 'A child shall lead them' for our church Christmas children's service. Our young people's group did it, and we enjoyed dressing in school uniforms and misbehaving as we came in! The sketch was well received, many commenting that it was very thought provoking. The humour went down well too! Thanks for sharing! 

T.W. Kenton Baptist Church, Kenton (near London) 

Dear David Wagner, 
Thank you so much for sharing the script to "A Child Shall Lead Them" with the greater community! 

Our church, First Congregational Church of Reno, Reno, Nevada, performed this play last Sunday, December 20, 2009, and it was a huge hit! The students loved performing it and our congregation truly enjoyed seeing the middle schoolers get into a script and Christmas story like this one. We projected the Rembrandt images up on a screen at the back of the sanctuary, so the audience could see them, although the actors faced the congregation and looked through an empty picture frame on an easel to replicate the museum idea. 

Thank you so much! Our congregation and Sunday School is indebted to you! With many thanks and Christmas blessings, 

First Congregational Church of Reno 
Reno, Nevada 

Hey David,

I had sent a previous email letting you know we were planning on using your play. We finally presented it last night and it was amazing!!!!

Our kids really got into it the past couple of weeks and started adding thier own ideas as far as staging goes. We had the parents and small child come across the stage like they were looking at artwork and just talking among themselves. Then as the guide brought the other kids in from the back of the sanctuary he was talking to a couple of kids in the front of the group asking if they were excited to be at the museum and such as that. The talking and laughter of the larger group of kids got the attention of the small child and the audience could see him wander away from his parents and go to the other kids.

Then during the entire program, the mom and dad were walking around "looking" for their child! Then they spotted him from a distance at the end and yelled in excitement at having found him.

It was so much fun, and the kids enjoyed the fact that the audience laughed at the appropriate times and "Amened" when the small child spoke..

We even made museum brochures for the audience complete with a museum map and information about the exhibit on the outside. The inside was a welcome, list of cast members, and Christmas greetings. The children then had a brochure on stage with them with the same outside, but thier inside held just their lines in case they needed a little help remembering them. We also had a camera with each group and while they weren't speaking, they were taking pictures of pretend artwork as well as pictures of themselves! I am going to make a copy of the pictures to give to each of the kids as a keepsake of the program!

Thank you so much for writing this program and especially for sharing it along with your tips for others to use.  

May God bless you and yours this holiday season and always,


I thought that was cool. Here's a couple short ones about The Beginning.


Hi David,
The drama you wrote entitled "The Beginning" was presented by our youth group at yesterday's service of worship. The group had a great time working with the script. You were credited in the bulletin.
Minister, St. Paul's Thornbury, ON Canada


I just wanted to let you know we will be using this script for our upcoming Christmas Program for our Sunday School Department.  The kids seem to be having fun with it so I'm looking forward to see how it turns out with the audience.


I have a ton of these emails archived on my sick work rig... a couple years' worth. I really hope Vye is able to salvage my email archive. I think I should just make a page on Wagnervana for these email testimonials. When I'm feeling especially invisible and/or worthless, I read them. It's good for the soul. Makes me feel like I'm actually making a mark - albeit small - on the world.

Well, at least I wasn't foolish enough to go to an Eagles game in Philadelphia dressed in the opposing team's gear...

I think I'm going to pull the plug. Sorry for the mellow, relatively self-serving post tonight. I hope you are have a great 24th, and that your Christmas is a great one.  Seeya when I see ya.



Paula Titus said...

Dave, those e-mails are totally awesome, what a great testimony of your work. I hope Vye is able to save all of them too, but if not, I'm sure there will be many more years of them to come.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, in spite of the details of life.

Abbie said...

how rude! poor niners' fan...
I'm glad they sent you emails dave! I really enjoyed being in "A Child Shall Lead Them", and I'm not quite sure which one the beginning was.... or which part I played in it, lol, if I did :D
You write good plays! Maybe one from you next year??


Anonymous said...

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