Friday, December 11, 2009

I Promise You, a New Rome, a New Italy, and a New Empire!

Marathon rehearsal for the Christmas play tonight. I am spent. A quick scan of my usual haunts revealed nothing worth mentioning, really... I'm sure if I dig a bit deeper, I could find something, but really, at this point, all I want to do is go to bed.

Lemme check my Funny Picture archive to see if there are any gems still sitting there, waiting for their day in the sun...

Not bad... elevator art that puts you in the place of Adam when you push the call button... pretty good...

Godzilla Crossing? OK, that's pretty weak... wonder why I saved that one..?

Verticat? OK, cat pics are good. It does look kinda funny, him on his side and all... lemme try one more time here...

There we go, we have a winner! Now THAT is funny... cat bath + Wilford Brimley scowl = awesome.

OK, my web connection is acting all crazy again... glitchy, on all my computers... I'm hoping it's all the snow in the midwest gumming up the lines and causing interruptions, instead of my net gear... bottom line, I'm going to bail for now.

Until tomorrow, good luck, and may fortune smile upon... most of you.

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